I just wanted to pay homage to one of my favourite films – Backdraft! Chicago firefighters,  fighting fires and corrupt government plots! This sketch is from the film’s climax, as Bull (Kurt Russell) desperatly clings onto a broken walkway while trying to stop Axe (Scott Glenn) from falling to a…


Kris Mods Stuff 25 – Jhiaxus

Legacy Jhiaxus is brilliant – but a part of that brilliance is the fact that he’s entirely molded in white plastic, washing out all of his lovely molded details. Time to slap some paint on those panel lines to make ’em pop!


I had a haircut..

…and it seemed like a ripe opportunity to use WordPress’ comparison widget thing.


Kris Mods Stuff – Episode 21

Today I move beyond the realm of action figure modification, and move my bathroom light switch every so slightly further into the bathroom! And boy howdy do I drop those F-bombs while doing it. ENJOY.


Kris Mods Stuff – Episode 20

Kingdom Blaster is superb, but the magnificence is marred by his complete lack of 3mm pegs to accommodate blast effects. Time to fix it!



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