I had a haircut..

…and it seemed like a ripe opportunity to use WordPress’ comparison widget thing.


Kris Mods Stuff – Episode 21

Today I move beyond the realm of action figure modification, and move my bathroom light switch every so slightly further into the bathroom! And boy howdy do I drop those F-bombs while doing it. ENJOY.


Kris Mods Stuff – Episode 20

Kingdom Blaster is superb, but the magnificence is marred by his complete lack of 3mm pegs to accommodate blast effects. Time to fix it!


Some Photo Geography Archeology Pinpointery

Peter Brabham’s excellent Flickr account (view it here), hosts a wealth of superb archive railway photography. He recently posted up an image by Derek Chaplin of a former Cardiff Railway locomotive, that had been rebuilt and put into use on the Great Western Railway, specifically in Cardiff Docks in the…


Kris Mods Stuff – Episode 18

My copy of Kingdom Slammer couldn’t hold his blast effects very well in his barrel, so it was time to fix it up with some plastic tubing!


Action Force – The Movie – The Intro – Remastered!

As a kid, I was a Transformers fan (you may have already guessed this). My friends Hugh and James were too, but they had parents with a wee bit more disposable income, so they had Action Force toys too – my first exposure to the brand. When the sales of…



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