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I thought I’d take this opportunity to use this post to push some of the little online projects that I’ve found quite inspirational lately. Mr Biffo’s Found Footage Mr Biffo (aka Paul Rose) has always been a figure who’s weighed … Continue reading


Jack Ryan – Sum Of The Game Hunt For Clear And Present Recruits.

He may be the greatest CIA analyst to ever face off against the many forms of international terrorism. He goes by many names – ‘Destroyer of Worlds’, ‘The Oncoming Storm’, ‘The Valeyard’, but to most he is known simply as Jack Ryan.

Jack Ryan’s first incarnation (played by ruggedly handsome American all-rounder Alec Baldwin) was present at the Hunt For Red October, and played a pivotal role in that underwater confrontation. Young, idealistic, and reluctant to get his hands dirty, Jack eventually discovered his courage and helped smuggle the Red October into the USA.

The First Ryan met his death after being shot by a group of Guatamalan gunmen and fallen down some stone steps, regenerating into…

Jack Ryan – gruff family man, reluctant to get his hands dirty, but keyed to do the right thing. Played by ruggedly handsome American all-rounder Harrison Ford, the Second Ryan fought and defended his family against the Provisional IRA, and also took on the drug cartels in Colombia to great effect.

The Second Ryan was stabbed through the chest by his own estranged wayward son, falling to his death from a tall gantry. He regenerated into…

Jack Ryan – weary, young at heart CIA analyst, reluctant to get his hands dirty but knows what he has to do to get the job done. This new incarnation was played by ruggedly handsome American all-rounder Ben Affleck, and fought to stop all-out nuclear war being triggered by an Austrian Neo-Nazi terrorist.

The Third Ryan was killed when his head exploded after being exposed to the full power of the voice of God. He regenerated into…

Jack Ryan – a young, heroic soldier who’s critically injured in a helicopter crash while getting his hands dirty. Ruggedly handsome American all-rounder Chris Pine took on the role. After recovering and being recruited into the CIA as an analyst, he took on undercover financial shenanigans undertaken by the Russians.

The Fourth Ryan was killed by succumbing to radiation poisoning after trying to repair a damaged warp core. He regenerated into…

Jack Ryan – a young, idealistic CIA analyst, reluctant to get his hands dirty, but will if he has to. Played now by John Krasinski, a ruggedly handsome American all-rounder, his adventures have yet to be charted but they soon will…


What’s In A Name?

I grew up in the Eighties in the small Welsh village of Ton Pentre. As a kid, my mum would take me on the train up to visit my grandmother in the nearby town of Treorchy, and a few years … Continue reading