First Post, and all that jazz!

Hi there! Welcome to my ‘work-blog’. As the title suggests, my name’s Kris Carter, and I’m an aspiring digital colourist based in Wales. I’m starting this blog to display my work, my methods, and just track my progress with my colouring.

I’ve always known I wanted to pursue a career in art & design in some capacity. I’ve worked as a graphic designer/studio manager at a US newspaper, I’ve been a graphic designer for a design company in Britain, and in 2004 I began to colour some of my own Transformer comics on my computer. Nothing spectacular, but I carried on doing it, and by 2006 I was beginning to think I could maybe do this professionally. I submitted work to several publishers, and got several rejections – but I persevered, and as luck would have it, a collaborative project of mine on the Allspark boards had helped influence a much larger scope project on IDW’s forums, called Transformers: Mosaic. My work on this helped gain more recognition, and a Mosaic I drew and coloured was printed in TF:Devastation 2 (an issue I’d missed out on colour work on a few months prior).

I was thrilled, and fortunately soon I was offered 3 pages to colour on Devastation 5. Following that were 12 pages of Spotlight: Arcee, and 2 issues of Transformers UK for Titan. Variety has arrived in the form of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (UK), Torchwood (UK), a few TF covers (UK & US), and Zombies for IDW Publishing – in the space of 2 months I’ve been working on around 90 pages-worth of work.

It’s hard work, as I’ve a full time job as well to pay the bills, but with my fiancée Ceri’s support my plan is to keep plugging away at the colouring work until I’ve reached the point where it can be my full time job. I think my colouring is good – but it can be a LOT better. I’m going to keep trying my best to improve, and reach the next level. Stay tuned for more soon!

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