Titan’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle issue 12 will soon be appearing, and it marks my first non-Transformer colouring work! Great fun to work on such a cartoony style (art provided by Diego Jourdan), for a story by Simon Furman. When I got the job I was all “Great! I remember the Turtles from when I was a young buck! This’ll be easy!”, but it soon became clear this is not the same show as the one I remember. Time Travel? No April O’Neil? Eeep! A bit of research later and it’s all okay, it sounds like a great update of the franchise. Really looking forward to seeing how this one turns out in print! Some samples for ya…

TMNT UK issue 12, page 1 TMNT UK issue 12, page 4

Outside of the comic realm, I’ll soon be whipping up some small character art for Slow Genius, Cardiff’s premier all-female improv group! I’ll also be providing some updates for Ecsite’s training materials after that. Busy busy!

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