Marching on!

March is turning out to be a busy month!

The first part of March saw me laying down the colours to issue 1 of IDW’s Zombies: Hunters. Hitting the shops in May, the story is by Dara Naraghi, with art by Don Figueroa. Don’s style here is quite different from his style on Transformers, and was great fun to colour! At 22 pages it’s my first full length coloured US comic. Lots of muted, desaturated tones, to make the BLOOD stand out! Raaargh!! Dara’s writing is also deeply good fun to read, and there’s some great fun characters in this tale. Here’s the cover art for issue 2 – I came on board after the first issue’s covers had been done, but I’m hopeful that I’ll get to colour the rest of the series covers. Should be starting on issue 2’s interiors soon.

Zombies Hunters cover 2

The colours I laid down for issue 3 of Titan’s Torchwood magazine should soon be available in the UK. Written and drawn by Brian Williamson, it’s an action packed tale of duelling alien motorcycles of doom. In Cardiff. Excellent fun! Couple of samples…

Torchwood 3 page 3 Torchwood 3 page 4 Torchwood 3 page 5

Staying with Torchwood, I’m also colouring up Simon Furman’s ‘Rift War’ story for issue 4. Art is by the fantastic Paul Grist, who’s deceptively simple style I just love to bits. Bit of promo art by Paul… I’ll try and post some pages closer to the release date (end of April). I’m currently on deadline on this issue, it’s stressful but exciting at the same time!

Torchwood 4 promo

The last part of March, heading into April also sees me colouring up E.J. Su’s finely tuned mechanical art for Transformers Spotlight: Cyclonus (Revelations Part 1), written by Simon Furman. The start of the big wind up to several ongoing story threads, the story Simon’s come up moves at a lightening pace, and makes for a fast moving Spotlight! I was chuffed to get this bad boy… after trying to match Josh Perez’s finesse on Spotlight: Arcee, it’s nice to start a Spotlight in my style! It’s out in June, so keep ’em peeled…

Cyclonus page 1

So that’s my plate for now…past work for Turtles should be surfacing shortly, along with the cover to TF UK issue 10 (see earlier blogs).

That’s all for now!


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