Windy Things and Rigid Craniums

Well, this week I handed in the last coloured pages of Spotlight: Cyclonus to IDW, ready to kick off the Revelation four part story arc! I was pretty happy with how it turned out. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the greatest colourist in the world, but I’ve tried hard on this project, and I hope people will be happy with it. Simon’s story is cool, starting to tie up a few loose ends from other Spotlights and various ‘-ations’ series, while still focusing on what makes Cyclonus tick… or should that be un-tick… and EJ Su’s art is always fun to behold, and he pulls off some great stuff here!

I can’t give much away, but I know page 2 was shown at BotCon, so here’s a little lo res preview, click to enlarge…

Cyclonus Page 2 - art by EJ Su, colours by Kris Carter

WIth Cyclonus done for April, I move onto the next project for May. The first Headmaster I ever owned as a toy, and here I am colouring his very own Spotlight! Yep, Hardhead is on his way, aiding Nightbeat in some more alien sleuthing. Simon Furman has been doing his best to crush poor old Nick Roche’s drawing hand by including damn near every Micromaster ever seen… ever! It’s going to be fun to scribble this one in!

Hardhead pg 1 art by Nick Roche colours by Kris Carter Hardhead pg2 art by Nick Roche colours by Kris Carter


More soon – I’m off to see Matchbox Twenty tomorrow as well, so I’m a happy bunny!

5 thoughts on “Windy Things and Rigid Craniums

  1. I really like your coloring, especially your the “glows” and lighting. We you assigned to color the entire issues or just a portion?

  2. Thanks! I coloured all of Cyclonus, and as far as I know I’m colouring all of Hardhead. At least, I hope to colour all of Hardhead! I’m approaching 7 or so pages in, so I’m a third of the way there.

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