Halfway through 2008 already?!?! Yikes!

So June is here, and is almost gone already. Wow. It’s been an incredible year for me so far. In the last 6 months I’ve been very privileged to get to officially work on Transformers projects both in the UK and the US, something that’s been a goal of mine since what… 1984? Since I first started scrawling and scribbling those big robots… Makes me feel fantastic to contribute to the franchise in some small way. Here’s on of my first renders of Prime…

I got better though…


I hit a fantastic milestone in January, with my first published Transformers UK issue that was coloured totally by myself, and nearly 6 months later, I picked up my copy of Spotlight: Cyclonus, the first US  Transformers comic I got to colour solo! Response so far has been very positive indeed, which has been a big relief. Don’t want to cock this all up just yet… Cyclonus is the first part of a four part story called Revelations, and I’ve been privileged to read the lot (and colour half of it). It’s a cracking tale, got a real sense of epicness to it courtesy of Simo Furman, and some amazing action – I felt like I was reading Target 2006 again, from back in the old days… granted, there were some bits that I’d have liked seen happen a little differently, but on the whole – a rollicking good story, up there with the best Simon’s produced. Can’t wait to see the rest in print!

Some sample Cyclonus pages, art by the fantastic EJ Su… and if you haven’t seen the pages of Spotlight: Sideswipe yet on Chris Ryall’s blog – WOW. EJ is just WAY too talented. It’s kinda sickening really. 😉

Cyclonus Page 11 Cyclonus page 15

Proud of my little in-joke too… Nightbeat on the page, had to slip a small pic of Columbo onto one of the monitors. Heheh!

So what else have I been up too? Well, after completing Hardhead, I launched into the cover and interiors for Transformers UK issue 14. A story aptly titled ‘Aftermath’, the Alterno-Movie bots deal with the fallout from “Twilights Last Gleaming”, with story by Furman and art by Gary Erskine, who’s previously drawn some of the TF UK covers. Captures the 2007 movie style quite well. And it’s 11 pages as well! Here’s the cover, and a coloured pic of one of the previews from Simon’s blog.

TF UK 14 TF UK 14 pg 9

Hehe, feels like Clarence Bodicker in Robocop… “GUNS GUNS GUNS!!”

Outside of the field of giant transforming robots, I was lucky enough to get to work on some fill-in colours for a Shrek comic for the UK Dreamworks Tales magazine, and am currently throwing some crayons over Rift Wars part 4, for an upcoming Torchwood issue. Should be good. Will try and post up some preview stuff if i can soon. Deadline’s a little punishing on this one (11 pages in under a week), but it’s sorta self imposed as I’m off on a camping trip this weekend, and I don’t have a laptop…. camping in Wales… what are the odds of it NOT raining? Slimmer than Kate Moss on Atkins? Possibly so. Anyway, I’m confident I can do it, and I can always catch up on sleep next week. I lead a glamorous life.

Saw both Hulk 2 and Iron Man this month – conclusion? Marvel Studios should continue to make films of their own franchises. Well done lads!

Heading into July soon – what’s upcoming? I’ve no idea. Hoping to get some further colouring work from both IDW and Titan, god willing, and soon I’ll start approaching other publishers too, and see if I have any luck there as well.

August brings Auto Assembly, the Transformers Convention in Birmingham! I’ll be there in Brummie-land, so if anyone sees me, please feel free to say hello, as I’m dead shy and will probably be hiding in a corner somewhere or spending the honeymoon money in the dealers room or something…

Okay, that’s enough nonsense for now. This is Ripley, last survivor of the Nostromo…. signing off.

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