Rambling away

Ah, July… what an interesting month you have been so far.

Finished up Torchwood Rift War part 4 at the start of the month, off the back of some fill – in work on Dreamwork’s Tales. SJ Gallant provided the lovely artwork for Torchwood, and considering he’s based in the States, he does a better job of accurately mapping Cardiff than the show does! Good show that man.

Torchwood Rift War 4

Torchwood Rift War 4

I managed to contribute (in a very teeny way) to IDW’s Spotlight: Doubledealer, in that I coloured one page! I had to match the style of colourist Liam Shalloo. We have quite different styles, but all things considered, I think managed to match his style quite well. I was quite gutted to not get to colour the whole issue, especially after colouring both Cyclonus and Hardhead, but no matter.

Hardhead was released earlier this week, and seems to have gone down really well I’m pleased to say! Was a blast working on that. Hope I got to work with Nick Roche again sometime soon.

I also managed to lay some colours down on a GI Joe cover, although I’m not sure if they’ll be the final colours used. If not, hey, it was still a good experience and good practice. Art by Robert Atkins on that one, I’ll try and post that up soon.

Other than that, July’s been a fairly lean month unfortunately.

The day job brought some interesting news – the company I work for is stopping all new sales in August, and 300 people are being made redundant. I know I’ve got pay up until around March 2009, and if I get axed my last day will be in Oct, which I hope will give me the push I need to get into graphic design/colouring/something creative full time. Can’t really stomach going back to another call centre… To that end, I’ve also decided to try and get back into animation – I’ve bought a copy of Toonboom Studio, and if I do get canned I’m going to try and use the spare time to build up my portfolio… it’s been 7 years since I properly animated, so I’ll be a bit rusty. Wish me luck!


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