August – it’s the eighth month. Oh yes.

Into August we go! So what have I been up to?

I was privileged to get to colour part five of the Torchwood “Rift War” epic – another chance to lay me Crayola’s over Paul Grist’s art! I love his style. It’s deceptively simple, but it works so well. We had a punishing deadline on that issue, but got there in time – and during a page lull I managed to skive off to Birmingham for a few hours and attend the Transformers UK convention, Auto Assembly. I must admit to being a bit gutted to not get there as a guest (maybe next year, eh?), but it was a fun day. Got to meet most of the other Titan UK colourists, which was brill, and also got to meet some of the IDW boarders in person as well. Good bunch! Met Simon Furman and Andy Wildman again, and was officially chuffed as fuck to meet Staz and Geoff Senior as well! Ah, childhood heroes… especially weird meeting Staz as I coloured his recent TF UK strip! Glad he liked it. Had to leave earlier than I’d have liked to finish up “Rift War”, but still a good day. Bought myself a set of 2nd hadn Duo-cons, and a Masterpiece Starscream. Well cool!

As to the rest of August, I’m hoping to work up some fill-in work on Doctor Who, and then it’s into Septemeber – a hopefully relaxed month starting off with mine and Ceri’s wedding and honeymoon!


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