It’s gone 4am. I am so damned tired!

Well, it’s nearly 4am, and I’ve got to leave for work in a few hours. I’ll get two or three hours sleep in a while, but right now I feel like blogging.

I’ve just finished colouring Doctor Who: The Forgotten issue 6 for IDW Publishing. I’ve contributed colours to half of issue 2, a third of issue 3, and almost all of issue 4, so I’ve been utterly jazzed to get to work on Who. As soon as I heard about the story for issue 6 I hoped beyond hope that I’d get to colour it, and somehow it actually happened! I’m not a massive Who fan – I came on board with McGann, and I’ve no real interest in the old shows, but I’ve loved the 2005 + reboot, but The Forgotten has taught me a lot about old Who, what companions did what etc… I really hope the fans get a kick out of this comic. It’s no secret that throughout the series, the Tenth Doctor has to regain his memories of being the previous Doctors, and it culminates in such a neat way. Tony Lee’s written it and it’s brill (even “Barcelona” gets a mention!), and Kelly Yates pencils have been inked by Rick Ketcham. The deadline was punishing, luckily I had a few days off the 9-5 call centre job to get the lions share of the colouring in, but Christ… I managed four and a half pages in one day at one point, which for me was FAST. I’m no Liam Shalloo in terms of speed, I can normally do a maximum of two pages a day, so to double that was impressive.

Sleep has gone by the wayside though.

I’m now re-colouring a strip for Classic Who reprints from IDW, and it’s Dave Gibbons artwork! I mean, this is part of the creative team that did Watchmen!! I have to picnh myself sometimes when I think of some of the great artists I’ve gotten to colour. I’m quite a lucky bastard all told.

It’s been a harsh week for the family though. My wife’s grandmother passed away at the start of the week, which was very upsetting. Ceri was very close to her nan, so it’s been hard. Also, I was hoping to get the paid redundancy from my job to allow me to concentrate on getting colouring work full time, but it was denied, so I’m still in the call centre – but Ceri got made redundant instead. So that hasn’t helped her feel any better either, and right now we’re stuck on my income from the call centre, and the comic book work. Hence the lack of sleep!

November saw me colouring some more Transformers UK artwork for Titan, an 11 pager that concludes the Return To Cybertron story by Simon Furman, with art by Jon Davis Hunt. Issue 20, look out for it, it’s very… uh… magenta. Happy with it though! What else happened in November… I cant remember now. A couple of rugby matches we went to, that was pretty cool. Won a few film quizzes… talked to a lot of pissed off loan customers… it’s all good.

October was my birthday month! I’m officially thundering toward being 30! Crazy. October saw me colour all but 2 pages of Doctor Who Forgotten issue 4, which was great. Got to colour the Tenth, Sixth and Seventh Doctors in that one. Tres cool.

September was a good month, Ceri and I got married! Had a wonderful relaxing honeymoon (which cost me most of Forgotten issue 3, but hey, it was worth it!).  Did land a brief 6 page Transformers: Animated stint too.

Seen some good films lately, and trying to catch up with season six of 24.. also enjoying the new series of IT Crowd, the prospect of new Red Dwarf in 2009 (oh please, don’t let it be shit), and I’m also doing a creative writing course in sit-com development. The script is almost done, and will be recorded in January (it’s radio based) and pitched to a variety of companies, so who knows what’ll happen with that.

Also went to the Birmingham Comic Con, got in the running for some more comic book work, but no dice. Oh well.

Well, that’s enough blather for now. It’s winter, the house is effin’ freezing, and I need to iron a shirt for work in a few hours. More soon!


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