2008 is almost over… time to reflect!

Yep, it’s nearly the end of 2008, so I thought I’d look back over my first year as a professional colourist. It’s gone fairly well I think. I’ve not been able to quit ‘real’ work yet, but I’m making in-roads. even if I end up burning the candle at both ends now and again. This year, I’ve coloured over two hundred pages-worth of artwork, so here’s hoping I can build upon that next year!

I’ve managed to work on Transformers, Dr Who, Torchwood, TMNT, Zombie Hunters and Shrek, and gotten to work with a raft of fantastic artists and writers including Nick Roche, Simon Furman, Paul Grist, EJ Su, Don Figeuroa, Tony Lee, SL Gallant, Pia Guerrera, Staz Johnson & Kelly Yates too name a few… I feel lucky to have worked with such talent!

Not that it’s always been easy going sometimes. Some of the deadlines I’ve had to meet have been crippling. Putting in a Torchwwod 11-pager in about 5 days, turning in a Dr Who 22- pager in under a week… hard going, but I got ’em done. Also, corrections and alterations to finished pages are always an occupational hazard, and I’ve had to make a few fixes over the year at the last minute too… reformatting almost all of Spotlight Hardhead so the pages stayed within borders.. changes to the Doctor’s costumes, other stuff like that… all good fun! And it’s with some regret on projects I missed out on…. Spotlight Doubledealer, Dracula, Reign of Starscream (although in retrospect, I could never have done a better job than Josh Perez did on Starscream, so that one was for the best). But as hard as it’s been sometimes, with the pressure and lack of sleep, it’s still what I want to do, and I love it. And it beats the shit out of just taking endless complaint calls on the telephone in my call centre job.

It’s been a pretty good year for achieving some personal goals too. Get professionally published? Check. Contribute in an official capacity to Transformers? Check. Get to see Matchbox Twenty live? Check. Need to get some new goals!

Also, Ceri and I finally tied the knot in September, opening the next chapter of our relationship, and things are going great. That’s not to say we haven’t faced some trying times of late, with bereavements, job losses and such (which I’m not going to detail here), but we’ll pull through it and be all the stronger for it.

So here’s hoping that 2009 is a good ‘un. 🙂 Merry Christmas everyone, and thanks for all the support and comments on the blog so far!

All the best


PS… Tony Lee has already debuted this massive Dr Who spoiler-y image on the IDW forums, but I coloured it so I’m whoring it out… Kelly Yates drew it, so go see it… here… but it’s a HEEEEOOOGE spoiler.  🙂


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