January’s almost done… so OH, what’s occurring….

Been a busy start to 2009! I got to help out with All Hail Megatron issue 8 for IDW Publishing. It was good fun to help out on the title, I contributed 3 full pages and helped flat out 4 more for regular colourist Josh Burcham. The art on the title is fantastic, and having had the chance to read issues 7 & 8, and with some decent ties to past continuity I hope they’ll go someway to stemming the bad reactions a good number of TF fans are having to the title in some forums.

I also dipped my toe into the IDW Transformers Movie-verse for the first time this month (having previously coloured some Movie stuff for Titan UK). I got to help out regular colourist Josh Perez on Transformers: Alliance 4, contributing 7 pages in total (and managing to match Josh’s style a teeny bit better than I did previously on Spotlight Arcee.)

Finally, the biggie for me personally, I got to colour 19 pages of Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen’s movie adaptation, written by Simon Furman with art by fellow UK movie art geezah Jon Davies-Hunt. So I’ve got  a gander at some of the movie concept art and all I’ll say is… it’s going to be action packed! Roll on summer!

But fuck me, the past two weeks have slayed me colouring-wise… my wodnerful wife has been helping me prepare and flat up pages, but on top of an almost full time call centre job, it’s knackering sometimes.

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