February Round Up ( not Woody’s Round Up. February’s)

Only been a-hitting the one major project this month, which is IDW’s Revenge Of The Fallen adaptation, written by Simon Furman and drawn by Jon Davis-Hunt. It’s rip-roaring stuff, and after seeing the new trailer toward the end of the schedule, I realise how a) awesome these things look when moving, b) how hard it is to capture it in comics and c) how many damned colouring mistakes have been made from working from the non-finalised concept art! It’s an equal mix of excitement and doh! Revenge Of The Fallen is the first proper colour stuff I’ve done with a graphics tablet (although i still use a mouse to flat, it’s quicker right now). I can honestly say that no, I’m not 100% happy with the results, but I’m definitely getting the hang of it, and I am very self-critical of my own work anyway.

I don’t do a lot of cover work, but I did manage to do a cover colour job for a stand alone Doctor Who comic from IDW, art by Kelly Yates and words by Tony Lee… a brief but fun Forgotten reunion there!

Oo, oo, and Transformers: Revelations is out now in trade paperback, and I love it! I worked on the Cyclonus and Hardhead stories (and one page of Doubledealer’s!), and I am chuffed as fuck with the results. And then EJ Su’s glorious artwork on Sideswipe is worth the bucks alone. Extras were a bit light, which is a shame, but it’s still a fab (if short) wrap up of over two years worth of ker-razy plotting by villainous ‘tache twirling scribemeister Simon Furman.

Outside of the funny books, I’m continuing to develop a comedy-drama (which has been a project I’ve been ploughing away at since 2003, and has developed well in 2008), and a more basic sit-com, both of which I’m hoping to submit for multiple rejections throughout 2009. I’ve also got a Spotlight idea for IDW which I may pitch soon, see how it goes down.

And in real life news, I continue to work in the call centre, sapping time away from colouring, but paying for the mortgage, so it’s a necessary evil. Ceri’s dad has now emigrated to Australia, so we’ve taken possession of his car and his cats. Our two cats are terrified of the new arrival, but thankfully the cars are getting on famously. Phew.