March – And What Have I Been Up To…?

Well, earlier this month I received my complimentary copies of All Hail Megtatron 8, for whcih I contributed 3 full pages and a bunch of flats to help regular colourist Josh Burcham. Thankfully, my colours meshed pretty well with Josh’s. not perfect, but it’s not jarring. Most of my colour projects tend to start with me picking up the slack from another colourist, and it’s always a task to make your own style match someone else’s.

I finished Revenge Of The Fallen! Phew! Issue 3 was given to Alex Milne and Josh Perez, but for issues 1 (19 pages), 2 & 4 I got to scribble my crayons over Jon Davis-Hunt’s lines. Hasbro have asked for very few changes thank goodness (although some of the changes they’ve asked for have been stuff that I wouldn’t have expected, randomly). I’d love to post up some previews, but hey… I can’t. Not allowed to. Sorry! 🙂 I will say, having now seen most of the story in some shape or form, that it certainly seems like a much bigger, broader, more satisfying tale compared to the first film. It’s got much more action, more robots, it seems like there’s more dialogue for the robots too… all in all, it should be a blast in theatres! The single issues are released weekly over the ass-end of May, beginning of June, so prepare to be spoiled!

At the moment, I’m just beginning work on Dr Who: Autopia from IDW. Written by John Ostrander, it features art from fellow ‘Forgotten’ alumni Kelly Yates. It’s out in June, and is shaping up to be a great little stand-alone tale! It’s got Donna Noble in it, and she’s my favourite companion, so I’m sold anyways… here’s the cover art. Mmmmm, purple.

Art by Kelly Yates, colours by Kris Carter

Art by Kelly Yates, colours by Kris Carter

Beyond that, I’m still progressing on the writing side of things with the sit com projects. More on that as it gets closer to being finished. I’m also totally psyched about the prospect of new Red Dwarf on Dave TV on April 10th! Here’s hoping it’s great, and not even remotely poo.


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