Who, Dwarf and such

Right, finished Dr Who: Autopia colours for IDW, and I was very happy with it. First comic I’ve ever worked on where I’ve done colours for the whole interior AND the cover. Yay! I also received a copy of Dr Who: The Forgotten TPB this month (I coloured just under half of it) and what a cracking tale! Tony Lee just nailed it completely. Fantastic stuff!

Speaking of Brit science fiction, Red Dwarf returned this month, and was a massive let-down for me personally, but I still love the show to bits, and decided to start my own little Red Dwarf tale in comic book form… shame my artwork is so bleurgh, but oh well. Anyways, have a look, see what you think…

Upcoming stuff has included some small commission based stuff, and hopefully some further Who work, and a return to IDW’s Transformers, working on an upcoming part of All Hail Megatron: Coda. Should be good!






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