Kup? Kup Who?

Busy times, busy times!

Currently working on two Doctor Who comics and a Transformers story, both for IDW. The Who comics are “Cold Blooded War” and “Room With A Deja View” – I was originally going to do one, then the other, but scheduling went awry, and I ended up overlapping them – quite different art, and quite different colouring styles as a result, and juggling both stories has been challenging and fun! “Room” was handed in last week, and “War” will be done in another day or two. I’m definitely loving the Doctor Who work though – I hope I can get to do some more! And speaking of Who, my first psot-Forgotten work, “Autopia”, is out this week. A fun little tale, I urge anyone to check it out! John Ostrander on the words and Kelly Yates on the art, it’s very good indeed!

Personal high point of the month so far is the chance to slap the Crayola’s over Nick Roche’s Kup-sequel for All Hail Megatron 15! I love the guys art. It’s just wicked to look at, so dynamic, full of energy. I’ve approached the colouring for this in a slightly different way this time, trying to be a little slicker, a little more retrained… I like it so far, I hope it goes down well. Of course the best part is Nick’s story – stitching together his own prior Kup spotlight with Shane McArthy’s All Hail Megatron story. What impressed me most is just how well it works, I was just grinning ear to ear by the end of it – and although it’s both a sequel and a prequel, it’s not short on character… and lovers and haters of Prowl are in for an absolute treat either way. I can’t wait to see THIS sucker in print! I’ll try and see if I can post up some preview colours closer to publication.

Also, a comic I did some fill in colours on (Transformers: Alliance) got on the New York Times Best Sellers list this week. Now, I know it’s not ‘cos of me, but it just sounds impressive… 🙂

Some health issues this month, with a bad asthma outbreak (again). No changes there. 😦

Also been flexing the writing muscles – co-wrote a Red Dwarf comic script with Ben Paddon (Jump Leads), which I’m hoping to illustrate later this year, when I have the time.

I’m also recording a voice in a radio sitcom pilot on July 18th, an episode I also contributed some material to. Dunno if it’ll get picked up, but it’ll be fun if it does!

Also started working up a brief web series with some friends that we’re looking to produce in August. I’m very excited by it, there’s some cracking ideas flying around for it, so I’m hoping to update with more of that soon!

Enough ramble. Go read something interesting!


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