Bit of a delay between updates there… soz!

Oh wow, just a bit of a delay between updates there, eh? Sorry about that.

So all the various Doctor Who titles I worked on have now come out, and very good to see them it was too! “Autopia”, “Room With A Deja View” and “Cold Blooded War” have all hit the shelves, and I’m really proud of them all. Each one has a slightly different style and approach to the colouring, as dictated by the line art, and I think all of them turned out well. Kudos as well to the various writers and artists across the three books, who were all fantastic to work with, and to the editor for all three, Denton Tipton at IDW, for giving me a crack at the books in the first place!

Transformers-wise, All Hail Megatron 15 has also just been released, with my colours being used on the Nick Roche’s story in the first 11 pages, and WHAT a story! I’ve always been a huge fan of Nick’s work (and was chuffed to get to work with him again), and this issue I feel is one of the strongest IDW has published since they got the TF licence. Brilliant stuff.

I’ve started doing a brief guest strip for Ben Paddon’s Jump-Leads comic (, it’s fun to try and stretch the old drawing muscles, but my god my stuff looks rubbish compared to the pro’s. Oh well.

Got to be a guest at Auto Assembly in August of this year, and it was one of the best weekends of my life. Got to hang out with so many talented guys – fellow South Wales based peeps Simon Williams, Jason Cardy, Kat Nicholson and Mike Collins (thanks guys for the company on the drive there and back!), and once in Brum, Liam Shalloo, Nick Roche, Lee Bradley, Staz, Greg Berger, Jon Davis-Hunt, Lee Sullivan, Andy Wildman… It was awesome, just staggeringly good fun, and I’m looking forward to going back in 2010! Simon Plumbe and his band of helpers (hiya Martin!) did an amazing job.

Colouring work has been thin on the ground for the last few months though. I did get to briefly help out colouring Transformer: Tales of the Fallen #2, supplying flats to Moose Baumann, but that didn’t work out, more’s the pity.

Ceri and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary, which was fantastic, but also had to have the entire house re-wired from top to bottom, which wasn’t quite as fantastic…

The day job continues to be a mounting frustration, working in the call centre. I find my temper rising and patience falling more and more with each passing day, and mentally and emotionally I find myself to edging into a very bad position, a position I’ve not been in for over five years. We’re also quite broke as well, but hopefully, things will somehow turn around.


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