2010: The Year We Make Contact

Not really. It’s just an obscure movie reference. 🙂

SO…. 2009 has finally ended, and quite frankly, I’m glad, because it wasn’t particularly amazing. The wife and I have been mired in a less than perfect financial situation, job troubles, problems with the house, computers, lah-de-da… just a pile of irritating, frustrating crap. My father-in-law moved to Australia, which was fantastic for him and I don’t begrudge him the move at all, but I know it’s been hard on my wife not having him near.

I went through a six month colour work drought, which did nothing for my own debts, and my day job has continued to be a source of anger, fury and rage generation. I just can’t seem to be able to let stuff go lately. It all culminated in a complaint call in December when I punched my desk so hard, I nearly broke my hand. Fortunately, I didn’t, as the next week I had some new colouring work from IDW – Transformers: Nefarious (written by Simon Furman, art by Carlos Magno). The first issue should be hitting stands around March I think.

I had a hard time nailing down what editorial wanted in the colours, which meant issue 1’s pages got corrected several times. After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing and some further colouring research and skill building on my part, I think I’ve sorted it out a little better now, so hopefully issue 2 onwards will be smoother. As soon as some solicits are out, I’ll post up some pages.

We had some snow too, which was lovely! Just wish it had been more… ah well. I guess if it had been any more, Britain would have dissolved off the planet in a cloud of unpreparedness, so it’s probably for the best.

I STILL haven’t seen Avatar. Gah.

2009 wasn’t all bad. Auto Assembly was faaaaakin’ amazing, and Red Dwarf came back on TV, and we got a new Doctor Who. we also managed to do some home decoration, and I managed to do a bit of painting and plastering that didn’t destroy everything. Yet. Oh! And the Ghostbusters game was short but sweet, and what a joy to hear the old cast! Ah, wonderfulness…

I also managed to finish my Best Defence comic, which I’d been working on like forever. And I took part in the recording of a radio sit com pilot. So it was a varied year at least.

Here’s hoping 2010 is more varied, more exciting, and above all else, less painful financially…. but somehow, I doubt that.

More soon, chumpkins!


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