Blogging! Then ironing work shirts! It’s a full life.

Well, stressful month. I’ve been working my usual 9-5 shifts in the call centre, which hasn’t been too bad this month, a few complaints and bad calls, but nothing that’s made me want to punch the desk in fury. Always good. On top of that, I’ve been colouring Transformers: Nefarious #3 for IDW on the evenings and weekends, so time’s been stretched a bit thin. Additionally, I’ve had a nasty as fuck skin infection that resolutely refuses to clear, and it’s means I’m achey, swollen, and incredibly sensitive to the cold right now. So between work and illness, I’ve not been getting much sleep, and that’s really come to a head in the last few days. Saturday morning, I was asleep and dreaming, and in my dream I went to sleep and also started dreaming. This cycle continued, and when I eventually really woke up my head felt fried and I was quite dazed and confused. Had a bit of a ‘Life On Mars’ moment there….

Colouring on Nefarious #3 didn’t go as smoothly as I’d hoped I’m sorry to say. Just having a really hard time fitting my colouring style to what the IDW editorial team are wanting. Sometimes I think I’ve nailed it, other times… well,  I don’t know. Lots of small edits and corrections, I think I’m doing better than on the previous issues, but my colouring confidence has definitely taken a bashing with this project. Although saying that, Simon Furman has complemented the colours on his blog (cheers Si, cheque’s in the post!) so maybe I’m just over-tired and over-reacting. Well, even if the colouring turns out not as well as I’d hoped, the lineart’s great. Carlos Magno has really nailed the live-action movie robots, much better here I think than in the previous ‘Tales Of The Fallen’ series. I felt his first few issues there didn’t really capture the movie’s designs well (or at least, not as well as Alex Milne did) but his work on Nefarious is much better, tight, focussed and really well put together. And of course, I get to work with TF legend Simon Furman again, which is always good! I’m looking forward to discussing the story and individual issues with him in person later on in the year at Auto Assembly.

Still sticking with the ‘Formers, I’ve been fan-gasming like crazy over Nick Roche and James Roberts “Last Stand Of The Wreckers” series. Easily the most superior bit of kit IDW has put out since… uh…. well, since they got the TF licence really. Bit biased though, the series is a love-letter to the 30-something fans of the old TF Marvel UK comics, so I am unequivocally the target audience for this, and I’m loving every gloriously illustrated page of this comic.

Call centre stuff has been fun(!), with a merger of the Cardiff unit with a section of Barclays that’s being moved from Glasgow. Will hopefully mean some more opportunities at Cardiff following the stagnant last few years… time will tell. And the gradual removal of the monthly bonus is also a nice little dip on the Barclaycard rollercoaster…. yeah. Less said about that, the better I guess.

Creative stuff, haven’t had much time of late, but I’ve been tightening up a sitcom idea I’ve been working on. I’ve got scripts and synopses put together, but I’m also looking to film a 10 minute sampler to include with the pitch, so I’ve been writing that up. Looking to film it in July, just getting all my ducks in a row with the technical side of things right now…

We finally got to see Avatar, how utterly underwhelming. Sure, it looked gorgeous enough, but I expected a much better story from James Cameron. Oh well. Invictus was very good though, and Toy Story 2 in 3D was great fun as well!

Hey! See that new Doctor Who trailer? Urgh, shit on a stick. As trailers go – utter poo. Still, I’m psyched for the series though, Moffat has a great track record, and I trust him not to stuff it up.

Money crunch as per usual…. we’ve sold one of the cars, so we’re a one car family again for the first time in a few years. Sucks, but it’ll save some cash at least.

Ummm… what else, what else…. Not much else to report really. Going to visit my good friend Johnny Luu in Brighton this weekend, have a catch-up, that should be good! Also, thanks to some huge help from Ceri’s dad, we’ll be going out to visit him in Australia later in the year, which I’m looking forward to immensely. That’ll be a much needed break.

Well, more ramblings later. Toodles.


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