Wii! Skin! Banks!

Okay, so I went to the doctor’s last Wednesday about my skin, she took one look at me, and before anything else, she signed me off work for a week. I could have cried….

So anyway, eczema (obviously) got infected about 5 weeks back, and has just been rife ever since. A third, stronger course of antibiotics prescribed, and the usual steroid creams. One difference – to try and and increase the absorption of the ointments, I have to apply it, and then wrap my limbs in cling film overnight to keep it on my skin. Bizarre. It’s certainly helping the moisture on the skin, it’s easier to move, but the actual cuts and scrapes themselves are healing very slowly. Feet are definitely becoming less swollen, and my left hand is starting to return to somewhat normal levels, slowly. So I guess I’m on the mend.  So grateful for the time off though. Since before Christmas I’ve been working in the call centre, and colouring in the evenings and weekends, and it’s knackered me. Been glad for some catch up sleeping time, even if I do feel like a wrapped sandwich in bed. I’ve got to have a check up in the week before getting the all clear to go back to work.

Speaking of work, my employers have thoughtfully scheduled a check up with a doctor of their choice, I’m sure just to make sure I’m totally match fit. And not at all because they suspect I’m lying about my illnesses. Despite AXA telling them twice now that I’m not taking the piss. Love corporate bullshit.

Speaking of corporate bullshit, back in August 2009 I applied for a full time sales job at Lloyds TSB. Got through the selection process, had a phone interview, and even took time out of my family holiday in Dawlish to drive hundreds of miles back to Cardiff for one afternoon to have a face to face interview. Lloyds then ignored me for seven weeks, only to finally tell me after several inquiries that I’d interviewed well, but had not got the job. Hired internally instead. Fair enough. So, January 2010 rolls around, and I’m contacted again because more positions have opened. Would I like another stab? Sure. Re-applied, another phone interview, another face to face interview. It’s now been over six weeks. No contact. Chased them up, same response as before. Unbelievable. Now, if I’ d just done a written app, then great. I’d expect no response at all, because nowadays NO-ONE responds to written apps. I’ve applied for other roles in my current heap-of-shit corporate employers, and had no response. So that would have been fine. But what really irks me is the fact I had a phone interview, and a FACE TO FACE interview, and STILL not even the courtesy to tell me I didn’t get the job. So I guess the message I’m trying to get across is either a) I wish some faceless corporate soul sucking banks would show some professional courtesy, or b) Lloyds TSB can get fucked. I suspect it’s more b than a right now.

Been doing a little re-writing on the 5 minute ‘promo-scene’ for my sit-com project, Spiritated. Tightening it up, I think it’s good, it’s getting better. It’s certainly been in development for a while…. Also managed to test out one of the key special effects using some software at home, and it’s not bad. Means I can kinda get whats in my head onto the screen at least. I’ve already lined up who’s in it, I’m just getting together the locations, and equipment to film it now… so that’ll take place in July, if all goes well.

Downloaded Mario 64 for the Wii. Yeah, I know I’ve got it for the N64, but that’s in the attic, not really accessible… fuck it. It’s Wii time. And Ceri got Monkey Island too, so it’s all good!

My mate Thon (his blog is the ‘Ninjameys’ one on the side – go read it, he’s quite eloquent, witty and generally all nature loving and stuff) and I recorded some dialogue for a small animated project that our mate Johnny Luu is going to have a stab at. Just something silly, but good fun.

Speaking of Johnny, last weekend before my skin went truly apeshit we managed to get down to Brighton and see him for the first time in bloody ages. Good weekend, played a lot of Guitar Hero / Rock Band, lot of Sing Star… good fun had by all really! And I’m jealous as fuck of his Mac setup. Grr. One day… one day…

Well, that’ll do for now. At over 770 words, this blog is a respectable essay from me. Happy trails…


One thought on “Wii! Skin! Banks!

  1. I’m repeating myself here, but – jaaaaaw, you called me witty. You lying bastich. And aren’t happy trails the line of hair ‘twixt belly button and nether-regions? What an odd way to sign off.

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