Like Braveheart in Paco Rabannes

Wow, is it May already? That’s insane.

Ceri’s 25th came and went, apart from her main pressie which I bought her, which simply never came. Fucking useless postal service… was hoping it’d be here this week, but now it looks like a bit of a telephonical complaint will be required come Monday. Still, it will be an almost refreshing change to be the complainer on the phone, and not the recipient.

General Election also came and went, and just caused more confusion from the looks of it – not that it mattered a jot, I’ve no faith in ANY of the powers that be to manage to successfully run this cock-up of a system anyway. Don’t take that to mean I didn’t vote by the way – I did vote. I just don’t feel it’ll make much difference.

Fell UP the stairs last week, twisted my ankle, and nearly broke my toe as well. That was fun!

Went to see Iron Man 2, which really WAS fun! No better than Iron Man, but immensely entertaining, and oh the damage I could cause with a War Machine suit! DO WANT.

On cinema’s baby brother, I’ve been loving the third and final series of Ashes To Ashes on the BBC. It’s a total mind-fuck, but I’m relishing every second. With only 2 episodes left I can’t wait for the final revelations, while at the same time not wanting it to end!

Virtually finished the Red Dwarf comic penned by Ben Paddon – I’ll get that posted in the next few days!

Other than that, I’ve fallen off the radar colouring-wise. I’ve done no new decent samples, and not done much in the way of pursuing work since I got the boot off TF:Nefarious. Just not into it, at all lately. Only comics I’ve been reading lately are the Wrecker’s Last Stand from IDW. Penned by Nick Roche and James Roberts, it’s sublime, the best Transformers comics I’ve read since the end of Simon Furman’s run in the 90’s, the guys have seriously pulled it off. They’ve also put to shame IDW’s current crop of Transformers monthlies, which let’s face it weren’t amazing to begin with, and really suffer from being compared to Wreckers. C’est la vie.

Off to Australia in 4 weeks. I can’t wait to get two weeks away. Just away. Might get my head in gear or something.


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