Chills, ills, thrills and spills. And a picture of my crack.

Another week, more stuff going down…

Monday and Tuesday in the call centre were okay, not many complaints, mostly sensible, straightforward calls… unfortunately, there was building work in the office, and all the carpet rip ups and ceiling pull downs have kicked up dust and just let all the heat out of the place – yet the air con is still on. So by Tuesday I was wearing tracksuit bottoms to work under my trousers, wearing my coat zipped up, and typing in gloves. And I was still cold. In MAY. Predictably I ended up getting a chill, my asthma kicked off, and I’ve been off work since Wednesday. Best thing was, I was on an absence management plan with the management because of previous asthma related absence, and I missed the target by one fucking day because of this. But in the end, what does it matter right? What does it matter.

Creativity-wise, I’ve finally managed to finish up drawing, colouring and lettering a Red Dwarf comic written by Jump Leads creator and fellow Dwarf fan Ben Paddon. You can read that here. Happy with how it all turned out in the end, but I do feel the art is so basic and under-detailed, and the colouring was so phoned in… still, it’s a neat little strip. Been working on a Dr Who Fragment colour freebie for Martin Fisher too, but it’s going sooo slow. Juts having having a hard time getting into it (I could just rush it, but it’ll look shit, and I don’t want to do that). Outside of pencilly drawing funny books stuff, I’ve been working on some sit com related gubbins with Cardiff and Swansea stand up comics Adam Henderson and Sarah Bridgeman, although the last few weeks hasn’t seen a great deal of development due to other stuff happening. My own sit-com idea is still progressing – I’m currently polishing up the sixth draft of the pilot episode, and am hoping to film a small ‘promo’ scene in a few months to sort of showcase it. I’ve been working on the story and idea for nearly ten years now (which fuckin’ FRIES my mind I can tell you) so I really should get off my arse and do something with it.

Had a stab at wallpapering. It’s not bad. Have a look.

It's still up!

Good start!

We’ve been trying to get the upstairs front room sorted for bloody ages now, but I’m lazy. Veeery lazy. My dad took the radiator off so I could paper the room, but yeah… lazy.  The radiator’s been off for weeks, and the night is was taken off our boiler didn’t react well to having lots of water bled from it, and began making horrendous noises. So we turned it off to get some sleep, and since then it hasn’t worked at all – so no hot water or central heating for us. Fortunately the hot water for the shower is heated internally by the shower itself, and we’ve been boiling the kettle a few times to get water for the washing up… but then the other day I came downstairs and lo and behold, on the beam that holds up the upstairs room, there is a crack in the beam. A crack like the crack in time from Doctor Who. Turns out where the radiator was upstairs, above the beam, there was no way to stop it slowly dripping – hence the damp and the subsequent crack. Which was a bit shit. Well, very shit really.  So it was a mad dash to get the wallpaper up quickly so we could get the radiator back on. I finished that wall, and we got tha radiator back on, but I haven’t been able to finish the room yet ‘cos of the bad chest. And replacing the radiator hasn’t helped the boiler at all. It’s still screwed. But Dad’s on the case, and has worked out the problem, so we’ll have it all fixed soon. Hopefully! for your enjoyment, here is a picture of my crack.


Doctor WHo ain't got nuffin' on me.

Bloody typical. We’ll never get this house fixed up, seriously. I am so looking forward to going to Australia for two weeks, just to get a break, get our minds off things…. everything. I just hope the whole volcanic ash thing doesn’t piss in our cornflakes. Not too confident about that… also seem totally incapable of getting Ceri’s visa right. Dickheads. Hopefully have that sorted this week. Hopefully! We’ve also given up on trying to locate the source of the awful creaking and groaning coming from the car. We’ll just have to wait until whatever the hell it is fails, and hope that it doesn’t lead to anything too life-threatening when it does. *shrug*

Hey, one bit of good luck though – bought Ceri a new iPod for her birthday, that promptly never arrived. Phoned Apple customer care who were just brilliant, and got a new one sent out asap. I asked what to do if the original did eventually show up, and they said if it did then I was the luckiest man Wales. So as of today, I now have a brand new iPod too. Sweeeeeeeet. 🙂

Hoping to be well enough to make it to Bristol for a comic convention this weekend. Time shall tell on that front.

TV-wise, I have been alarmingly getting into the third and final series of Ashes To Ashes, truly fantastic stuff. I don’t want it to end, but I can’t wait to how it finishes!

Oh well, enough blather. More soon, probably.


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