Flu, Mental Breakdowns, Holidays and Wallpapering (Amongst Other Things)

I’ve got a touch of flu at the moment, and I can’t sleep, so I figured I might as well update the old blog at least!

So colouring work has been a little quiet of late. I’m optimistic more stuff will crop up as the year goes on though. I’ve done some freebies and the odd commission, but nothing too major. Still, would be nice to snag an issue or two of something soon… hey, fingers crossed!

In the meantime I’ve been working on updating my portfolio website (http://www.kriscarter.co.uk) and it’s almost done. Need to optimise some of the galleries to whittle down the loading times, but it’s an improvement over my old site certainly. I’ve also been trying to get back up to speed on Flash, try and use that on the site, but it’s slow going.

My DIY endeavours are slowly proceeding. Managed to strip, sand and almost finish re-wallpapering the stairs to the attic, the landing, the main stairs and the passageway. Trouble is, everytime I do I end up knackering my chest and sparking off my asthma, so it’s taken me bloody ages to do it all. Hopefully I’ll have it all done and painted up by February. I’m proud I’ve done as much as I have – it’s been like pulling teeth doing it though.

As I mentioned in my last blog, in Sept 2010 the call centre complaints finally got the better of me, and I had a stress-related breakdown (resulting in me punching a monitor during a bad complaint call). The company suspended me for a few days while they ‘investigated’, and after apparantly ignoring EVERYTHING that I said, and all the causes and build up to the breakdown, I was told to get back on the phones (and if it happened again, I’d be fired immediately). Well, I couldn’t face going back on the phones, just trying to talk about it reduced me to a sobbing wreck, and the company wouldn’t commit to moving me off the phones. So I was signed off sick for three months, and I used the time to try and find a different job ( not easy in the current climate). Anyways, as luck would have it, I did manage to get a different job, working in admin for a local uni from February, but it’s a biiiig pay cut. But hopefully it’ll be better for my head, and with a bit of luck we can struggle through until Ceri finishes Uni and we’re both working again. Hopefully…

Still, I’m out of the toxic world of finance. It was most satisfying handing in my notice, although I’ll be sad to not work with some of my mates in the call centre. There’s some good people amidst the immoral corruption at least.

Christmas came and went. It feels really odd nowadays… although it’s a wonderful time of the year (especially as we actually had some SNOW this time around! YEAH!), there’s a definite sense that it’s missing some of the magic. Maybe I’m just too old for it now, I dunno.

Our shitty luck with most things seems to continue unabated. Our tumble dryer exploded a while back, our boiler is continuosly on the fritz leaving us without hot water, our TV/DVD combo upstairs has jacked in, our downstairs TV only works if you turn it on and off for 5 minutes. My Mac is starting to make the occasional grinding noise, and my phone is prone to random restaring. Also the garden light is knackered, fusing whenever it rains and tripping the fusebox so it cuts off the electric in the house. And the house itself is slowly falling victim to further subsidence, with cracks peppering the walls and doorframes all over the place. And guess how much of it we can afford to fix…. that’s right, fucking none of it, and that’s not likely to change ANYTIME soon. It’s bloody annoying.


Oh well.

I’m still clinging to the vague hope that there’ll be some sort of upturn in my fortunes soon.

Fingers crossed, eh. New job, new year…. maybe 2011 will turn out okay in the end.


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