Welshyness! Space merceneries! Other things!

So February rolls around, and with it… other stuff.

I started my new job a few days ago – easier to get to in some ways, more of a hassle in others. The job itself is so new, I’m the only person hired in the dept, and all the people I’m supposed to admin for haven’t started yet, so it’s all a bit vague currently. But I’m off the phone. I’m off the phone. Sweet. Fucking. Bliss.

In regards to the job I’d rather be doing, I’ve been colouring a 6 page mini-comic called The Pride for an independent publisher. It’s about a troupe of gay superheroes, and it’s a wicked little thing, I’ve really been enjoying it. That should be out an about before the end of February, debuting at the Cardiff Comic-Con I hope.

The Pride Preview

Speaking of the Cardiff event, another title that’ll see release there is the 10thology, a graphic novel put together and featuring 10 stories by all Welsh creators. It’s a real good variety of tales and talent, and I can’t wait to see it! I’ve contributed colours to a story by Stu.Art (who’s organised the book) with art by Mike Collins (always great to work with an industry legend!). It’s got swords, knights and buried treasure in it. Boss.

10thology Preview

I’ve also been beavering away at my own little comic project. Based off characters created by my good pal Dan Harris, it’s a 22 page story of ‘Lou Scannon’, Dan’s space mercenary character. Just black and white to keep printing costs down in future, it’s sci-fi comedy with an edge, and I’m trying to make my own artwork as ‘not-shit’ as I can. God knows when I’ll get it all finished. Hopefully this year. Dan himself will be contributing some pencils for it which I’ll be inking, I’m looking forward to that big time!

More news as it comes…

Page 2 of "The Wolfman of Astrotraz"

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