Carter’s Inane Reviews #1

As part of my attempt to update this blog a little more frequently, I’m going to implement a new regular feature – a weekly inane review! That’s right kids – once a week I’m going to give an in-depth review to something that really probably doesn’t warrant it. I’ll open it up to the floor too – if you’ve any ideas for something totally and utterly inane for me to review, then let me know by all means!

So let’s kick this feature off with…

Todays Morning Cup Of Coffee!

My coffee mug.

Coffee (Drank)


Every morning I indulge in a cuppa or four, so let’s look over the basics. Today I’ve used my ‘standard’ sized coffee mug (I’ll review the aesthetics later) and not a bigger ‘mug’ styled container.  It contains a decent sized cup of coffee, drinkable within about 20 minutes – after that it goes a bit too cold, and that’s not very pleasant at all. Fortunately today I drank the whole thing fairly quickly, so wasn’t impeded by any harsh lack of warmth.

The coffee itself was a decent blend, nothing spectacular though, your basic Nescafe effort really. One slightly heaped tea spoon, not massively strong while at the same time not being too underpowered either, so a good (if average) balance was hit there. One sugar was added, and it made all the difference, sweetening up the liquid just enough to make the tasting experience all the more pleasurable. While a two-sugar cup was contemplated, in this humble reviewer’s opinion it would have been too sweet for this time on a Tuesday morning, so good call on the one sugar option.

The cup was filled with boiling water until a centimeter from the top, allowing just enough room for a decent dash of milk, but avoiding the coffee being too milky and wishy washy (and also sapping the coffee of heat too). Milk was semi-skimmed, so not too watery while at the same time not being that cloying thickness of whole milk.The mug itself is a recent, Christmas acquire courtesy of my youngest brother. Tastefully decked out in a black backdrop over the white ceramic, a red Pac-Man ghost adorns either side of the cup. Nicely put together, but points deducted for not having Pac-Man himself feature on one side of the cup perpetually chasing/being chased by the ghost. The handle is good and solid, allowing easy pick up and no spillage of hot liquid over the fingers.

I did trip up the stairs while carrying it and accidentally spilled a little bit of it, but that was obviously no fault of the coffee’s, so I’ll not deduct any points for that mishap.

So all in all, a solid cuppa. Not amazing (no accompanying biccies, natch), but certainly leagues ahead of some of the more dour coffee’s I’ve consumed in the years. Recommended.



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