Carter’s Inane Reviews #2

The Work Fire Drill

So at about 10:45, we had a fire drill in the office. Fortunately, the office wasn’t very busy (with about 7 people in all told), so everyone proceeded in an orderly manner to the meeting point. There were no scenes of panic, no stampedes, everyone kept their heads in a cool, controlled manner, so points for that. I did feel that the tone of the fire alarm was a bit much, and maybe a bit too loud, but I guess that’s sorta the point isn’t it?

Unfortunately the fire wardens had a bit of a hard time getting the alarm turned off straight away, so we were stuck outside in the cold for a wee bit longer than was comfortable. Fortunately I had the foresight to chug my early morning coffee (by the way, 8/10 for that as compared to last weeks review) so I was kept warm, and I didn’t arrive back at my desk to find my coffee cold. Forward thinking there.

So, although the drill went well, points deducted for the length of time it took to get back in the building. Brr.


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