Carter’s Inane Reviews #3

Inane Review #2

I thought for today’s inane review I’d review last week’s inane review.

Right from the outset there’s a definite sense that this particular review was of a somewhat rushed and hastily slung together nature, almost as if the reviewer knew that he had to get something up on-line but his heart just wasn’t in it at that particular moment. There’s no depth of analysis (unlike the first inane review, which was thoroughly in-depth), and there’s not even an accompanying picture, which is most disappointing.

On the plus side what little information is given about the review subject (in this case a fire drill) is up to date and correct, and to provide some much needed context, times and staff numbers are stated as well .

The review is pretty nicely presented, using a clean, non-serif font, and ably formatted using the WordPress blogging platform. The title of the post is a large, bold font, and the subtitle in a smaller (but also bold) font. As mentioned above, the lack of a photo is a bit of a glaring omission, and would really have helped break up the story a little.

All told, this was a pretty shoddy effort throughout, and if this is indicative of the quality we can expect from future inane reviews, then it really does beg the question – why continue with them? Obviously a truly inane review requires that at the very least SOME time and effort be poured into it’s creation. Maybe it’s  a mis-step on the way – after all, this is only the second review, and the entire feature is still finding it’s feet.



One thought on “Carter’s Inane Reviews #3

  1. As a long-time fan of the inane reviews, I would be most upset to see the feature removed. It adds a certain gravitas to the blog; a satricial socio-political commentary which is almost as utterly contextually meaningless as the words in this sentence. I give this inane review four Moriartys out of six.

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