Carter’s Inane Review #6

Today I’ll be reviewing the nap I had on the train into work.

Everyday my alarm goes off at 6:30 to allow me time to get up, get spruced, and walk to the train station in time for the 7:52 service from Trefforest to Merthyr Tydfil. I was a bit tired this morning, having failed as usual to get an early night the prior evening. Having pushed the envelope of snooze button usage as much as I dared, I got out of bed at 7:18am, and left the house feeling ill-prepared at 7:27. I finally staggered onto Platform 2 of Trefforest Railway Station at 7:47 am, and soon boarded the train.

With my iPod’s headphones encasing my head like Darth Vader’s earmuffs, I embarked on the 40 minute journey into the South Wales Valleys, put my head back on the seat and launched headlong into a dreamless sleep.

I briefly awoke just before the first stop on the trip (Pontypridd) to show the guard my season ticket. He glanced at it for a nanosecond, instantly absorbing all the minutia of information on the ticket needed to prove its authenticity, and interruption over, I drifted back off to the sleep. The Alan Parsons Project was being gently pumped into my brain as I dozed off in Pontypridd station.

Another dreamless sleep followed, punctuated with bursts of music from the Manic Street Preachers, Matchbox Twenty, and Athlete. I slept much deeper than I normally do on the train, and when the train pulled into the next stop (Abercynon) I mistakenly believed I’d slept through the entire journey and had arrived in Merthyr. This worry woke me quite sharply, and irked me when I realised where I was, as I was quite enjoying the slumber.

Upon realising there was still a good half hour’s journey-time remaining, I ploughed back into unconsciousness with all the zeal of a Premiership footballer in a whore house. The next stop (Quaker’s Yard) was missed entirely by myself (result!), and the strains of Evanescence and assorted other groups danced across my subconscious until I awoke for a brief second at Merthyr Vale. Noting that this wasn’t the Merthyr stop I needed, sleep beckoned again quickly.

A few more minutes passed peacefully by before pulling into Troed-Y-Rhiw, where the loud hordes of schoolkids leaving the train made sleep impossible. I dozed lightly until the penultimate stop, Pentrebach by which point I decided to stay awake and stow my headphones and iPod in my backpack (as the distance from Pentrebach to Merthyr Tydfil is very short). I also didn’t want to be asleep at Merthyr, which is the terminus of the line, and accidentally wind up heading back home before I awoke.

So, the nap was pretty powerful, a bit refreshing, but unfortunately interrupted quite regularly. The fact I slept through only one stop was disappointing. The soundtrack to my nap was very good, but then it would be – it’s my iPod. The train journey itself was  smooth, with no B.O. monsters around me, and I had my feet by the heater the whole time so I was well toasty as I kipped. Overall, a good nap. Could’ve been longer and had some fun dreams, and been in my bed, but still acceptable given the circumstances.



One thought on “Carter’s Inane Review #6

  1. This is superb.

    My Dad came from Taffs Well and I always remember driving under ‘the viaduct’ (I never knew that it has such a pretty name as The Walnut Tree Viaduct!) and him telling me that my grandfather (his father) built it. Well, I’m sure that he didn’t but it made me feel very important as a child.

    I was born in 1964 and so these are some of my earliest memories and I recall being sad when they pulled it down.

    Thanks for your efforts – this brought back some great memories.

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