Carter’s Inane Review #7

Okay, a bit late this week, but here we go.

Today, I shall briefly review my friend Johnny Luu’s van packing skills.

John is a busy man, married with a time-consuming freelance job and a 4-month old newborn daughter to juggle alongside the whole ‘moving house’ thing. As such there was bound to be an element of rushedness and disorganisation in the actual packing of possessions into neatly labelled and correctly categorised boxes, so we can let that go. However, in terms of actually cramming all of the worldly goods into a large rental van, John truly excelled himself.

Insane Tetris Skillz!

Displaying a grasp of space and volume that NASA could only dream of achieving, John pushed the limits of the design tolerances of the van by filling it from bottom to top, back to front, using every last micron of available space. Deftly slotting oddly shaped objects such as corner couches and baby bouncers into the most unwieldy of spaces, you can really tell that all those teenage years of playing Tetris in a quasi-religious fervor were most emphatically not wasted.

Unfortunately, some points must be deducted as not quite everything could be crammed into the back of the van, and some overflow ended up in the back of my car. But this still doesn’t take away from the sheer impressiveness of just how much stuff he managed to actually get into the van in the first place, an achievement even The Doctor would be proud of.


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