Yeah, So I Was Like SO Freakin’ Hospitalised, And Shit. WITH GROSS PICTURES!

Sorry for the lack of bloggage, regular reader (readers?). I’ve been a bit ill. And a bit hospitalised.

So Friday 8th April, I was feeling a bit achey, a bit fluey in the evening, and went to bed. I was sick in the wee hours, and spent that Saturday in bed shivering, with a fever, and generally feeling really crappy. My left leg was feeling thouroughly bruised and sore, and by early evening had turned a lovely shade of red and started to swell. I was also not making sense when I talked, and spouting more nonsense than usual.

We called NHS Direct, and ended up going to a local hospital to see the out-of-hours doctor. I was diagnosed with cellulitis, which is a nasty little skin infection and inflammation, and admitted to hospital. We spent what felt like forever in the acute medical unit, while the doctors and nurses tried to find a viable vein in me to put an IV through. I was so dehydrated that it took seven or eight attempts, which was not very pleasent, but fortunately my mind was so addled I didn’t really notice too badly.

That's not right!!!

The next day I was placed into a different ward, and I spent the next five days there, having IV’s of various antibiotics and resting up the leg while the swelling went down and the pain went away. After a few days I was moved to oral antibiotics, and by the Thursday I was deemed well enough to go home and complete the course there.

Spidey sense tingling!!!

One cool thing about the IV was that it gave me a cool Spiderman web-shooter look though. Silver lining, eh!

My foot and lower leg were still swollen and painful, but it’s getting easier to move around. Stairs are still a problem, and the soreness persists and gets worse if I’m up and about too much. But the fun didn’t stop there, no sir! My fever and high temperature earlier in the week had allowed another little condition of mine to flourish – eczema herpeticum. Basically, this is where the herpes simplex virus (or cold sore to his mates) spreads not just across the lips, but potentially across anywhere there’s a patch of eczema. So this starts erupting, and I get hundreds of little cold sore blisters across my shoulder, neck, and face. Also around my eyes as well, for maximum comfort…

My FACE. My EYES. Yet I've had it worse than this...

Back to the docs I went, and even more pills were added to the regimen, so in the last fortnight my stomach’s felt right messed up. Luckily, we managed to catch the sores before it got as bad as it had in years passed, but my skin’s still recovering, and there some crap still around my eyes.

I’ve been out of hospital for about five days now, but my leg and foot are still swollen, and not getting better that quickly, or at least as quickly as I’d like. I can’t go back to work yet, there’s too much stairs and walking involved yet, so it’s frustrating… oh well. Shit happens. Looks like I had blisters from walking to work that got infected and kicked the whole thing off. Great fun!

I know I sound like I'm whinging, but seriously - OW.


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