Early Morning Musings.

In a bit of a funk at the moment. I get these from time to time. Mosttly because the whole call centre experience of the last few years has wreaked tiny havoc in my head, and I can’t get myself sorted really. It still saps my motivation.

I need to work on my time management. I need to set myself times to do things, and stick to that schedule. This is starting, somewhat. Mondays or Thursdays evenings, meet with Johnny and learn me up some After Effects. Friday, meet with Dan and Jim for writing brainstorming. Need to to try and sort me out some time to get some Flash learning in there as well. Need to try and sort this out, get my arse moving.

Print copies of Lou Scannon #1 should be in before end of May. Quite excited about that! And looks like Dan will be pencilling all of issue 2 – seeing me butcher his designs has lit a fire under him! Serves him right, fnaaar.

Finished colouring part one of The Quest. First few pages of The Pride starting to come in. Two pages left to draw for Bots Of Honour. Started colouring final two pages for Auto Assembly. Emailing around for more colouring work. Hopefully things will work out. Financially, we really need it, cos things are not feeling too good right now.

Also, I’m off back to the doctor’s come Friday. Need to get some documents for HR in work, but also, my leg simply ain’t right, and isn’t getting back to it’s normal size. Such a medical freak.

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