Lou Scannon is here at last!

After literally years of total procrastination, my first self-published comic is now available to buy!

Based on characters and worlds created by Dan Harris, the two of us have worked together to bring you a quality sci-fi comedy combining the humour of Red Dwarf and Hitchhiker’s Guide with the gloss and drama of the best US sci-fi such as Firefly! It’s action-packed, funny, and is going ot just keep getting better and better!

So, I hear you ask, what will you get for your hard-earned? Well, you’ll get…

  • A full 22 page story, written by me and drawn by Dan Harris and I (with some amended dialogue and improved art over the online version).
  • Full colour cover
  • 8 pages of exclusive print-only material, including :
    • Dan’s original character design sketches
    • Fact Files on the Lou Scannon Universe
    • Deleted pages and Behind The Scene’s info
    • Two full pages of real reader’s letters answered by Lou Scannon himself
    • Alternative cover, and additional bonus artwork by me!

Lou Scannon #1 – ‘The Wolfman Of Astrotraz’ can be picked up for the thoroughly reasonable price of £3.00 (plus postage), and you can order it  from the website http://www.louscannon.co.uk , or by contacting me directly through this blog. I’ll also be flogging this bad boy at various cons, the first of which will be at Auto Assembly in Birmingham this coming August.

Want to have a look at what you’ll be getting? Click on the preview goodness below!


I really hope you check this comic out ladies and gents – we had a hoot working on it, we’ve more planned, and we want YOU to enjoy it as much as we do! So get in touch, either via here or http://www.louscannon.co.uk , and pick up a copy!

Also, via the website, you can also submit a letter to the letter’s page for the upcoming issue #2, so if you fancy getting a pithy answer for your query from Lou Scannon himself, then submit away! We’ll even allow you to swear if y’like. Cos that’s how we roll.

Thanks for reading!



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