A Week To Myself

So, Ceri and her motley crew of fellow history students buggered off to Berlin for a week to soak up some Germany history (and no doubt, more German alcohol). This left me on my own for seven whole days (my first time proper by myself in about four or five years), and it was alright.

Despite me being over thirty years old, my grandparents were convinced I’d starve to death over the week, so cue lots of homemade stew and a visit to a local carvery, which was nice of them! Not so fun was the drive to the carvery… it’s only a mile down the road, yet halfway my granddad had to pull over, to let the queue of traffic he’d caused go by us. He used to be an emergency ambulance driver for smeg’s sake! He should be powering through traffic! Gaaargh. Still, I’ve been well fed, and managed to polish off the remainder of Ceri’s homemade pie that she left for me. Nom nom nom!

The week was mostly rainy, which was ace as it meant I didn’t have to go out the garden to water Ceri’s garden… I did keep the few plants indoors well watered though, and the sunny weekend meant I did venture out into the garden twice. I am a but concerned that one of Ceri’s tomato plants looks a bit… well… dead, but all things considered…

I kept on top of the washing and ironing (my grandparents were visibly annoyed that I’d not asked them to do it), and the cats haven’t starved to death either, which can only be a plus.

I managed to get a teeny bit of DIY done as well – replaced the knackered old toilet seat, failed to fix the broken flush, and started applying the second coat of paint to the landing and passage. And now the house reeks of paint. Niiiice.

And I’ve managed to crack on with my colouring work. Just two pages away from finishing issue 1 of “The Pride”, and halfway into the second part of “Crucible”. I also managed to get some early rumblings of another project started, and also managed to finish up the shading and lettering of two pages my own collaborative comic (with Dan, Jim and Johnny), Lou Scannon issue 2. Coincidentally, we’ve still got copies of issue 1 available to buy for the very reasonable price of £3 – you can grab copies from http://www.louscannon.co.uk of course… I also got paid for some prior freelance work, which was nice and not a moment too soon either.

I also went for a brief run in the car on Sunday, as it was a very nice day indeed, so I ended up taking in the heady, polluted air of industrial Welsh hub, Port Talbot. No idea how I ended up there, I was just driving, but it goes to show how rubbish I am at navigation and at picking good scenery.

And so tonight (or rather, in the wee hours of tomorrow morning) I go to pick up the missus from her week away, which’ll be good. A week’s nice, two would have been alright I suppose, but I really probably would have been found starved to death in unclean clothes, surrounded by foraging cats and dead plants if she’d been gone much longer…


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