The July Creative Update

Okay, let’s recap my projects for a mo –

  • Crucible – a comic that’ll be appearing (eventually) in the upcoming Strip Magazine, written by John Freeman with artwork by Smuzz. I’m currently about halfway through colouring part two of this project, and it’s big on detail!
  • The Pride – indie comic from Joe Glass, with artwork by Gavin Mitchell. I’ve two pages left to colour for issue 1, so that should be finito before the end of July.
  • Misfits – a web-comic from ROK Publishing, again written by John Freeman with art by Andrew Chiu. I’ve literally just started on this bad boy, but it’s looking cool.

That’s all the pro-work for now. As for other stuff…

  • Jump-Leads – waiting on the next pages for this brilliant web-comic from Ben Paddon and JjAR. It’s been a while, unfortunately!
  • Lou Scannon – Dan Harris is currently beavering away at issue 2’s pencils, while we await Johnny Luu’s inks. In the meantime, Dan, myself and Jim Bampfield are continuing to write up issues 3 onwards. Issue 1’s stock is now half sold out, and remaining copies can still be purchased from – get ’em while they’re hot!
  • Auto Assembly 2011 – working up some cool prints for this.

And that’s about it for the creative stuff at the mo!



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