Auto Assembly 2011

I’m a bit excited about this weekend. Why? Well, because I’ll be a guest at Auto Assembly 2011, the UK’s biggest and greatest Transformers convention! Wahay! You can get more info on the event here – Special mention must go to Simon Plumbe and his family for organising this frankly mammoth and unforgiving task. The dude is a total and utter legend.

Assuming that Birmingham hasn’t been reduced to a fine dust due to England’s new-found affection for lawless rioting, I’ll be showing up on Friday afternoon, and buggering off the following Monday afternoon.

So, what am I doing there? Well, I’ll be catching up with fellow TF fans and friends I’ve not seen since last year, and trying to find cheap booze and a Masterpiece Rodimus Prime that won’t destroy my August mortgage payment. I’ll also be signing any comics attendees want to throw my way – just accost me, and I’ll dole out my signature like jelly babies. I’ll be offering my sketching services (black & white sketches, or glorious full colour sketches for a little more – on account of me being, y’know… a colourist!)  – again, just accost me and I’ll scribble away…

I’ll also be selling a few Transformers related full-colour A4 prints – here’s some cropped previews… 

Hardhead (IDW style)

And I may have a few other bits and bobs on the go as well. I still have a few IDW Movie-verse comics to sell – I did try giving them away for free last year, but alas, no-takers. Bugger.


Kup (from his Nick Roche 'insane' era)

On the Saturday afternoon at 2pm, fellow colourist Liam Shalloo and I will be presenting a comic colouring workshop, showing a captive audience how we ruin otherwise brilliant artwork! The workshop was good fun last year, and it’s always a challenge to stop Liam swearing like a bloody sailor in front of the kiddies. In the past we’ve showcased the colours using simple presentations – this year, I’m going to try to see if we can maybe colour a panel live, and show people the process ‘as it happens’ so to speak. Either way, should be good. And people will get to have a look at my laughably wrecked old graphic tablet. But I love it, so there. 


Dinosaur Battle!
T-Rex Face Off!
Finally, I’ll be selling copies of my own co-created Lou Scannon comic, ‘The Wolfman Of Astrotraz’. With half the original print run sold, I’m hoping to put a dent in the remainder, and drum up interest in the upcoming issue 2! 
I’ll be plonking a decent fun-filled and anecdote-fuelled Auto Assembly update up on here later on next week. But in the meantime – roll on AA2011! Whoop whoop!

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