And lo, he treats his blog like his old paper diary… and forgets about it.

Yeah… my updating got a bit better for a while there didn’t it? And then it tapered off. Well, I’ve been busy. And lazy. Hard to do, but I’ve managed to combine these two concepts fairly effectively. So let’s take a trip back through the weeks, and see just what the hell I’ve been up to that has prevented me from updating this fine corner of t’Internet.

Colouring & Comic Work

Well, as the name of the blog implies really.

I finished colouring issue 1 of The Pride for Joe Glass and Dead Star Publishing – check it out….. HERE!!

I’ve almost finished colouring MISFITS from M.O.B.I.L.E for ROK Global – check it out…. HERE!!

I’m still beavering away on Crucible for PrintMedia Publishing – check it out… HERE!!

I’m also colouring a graphic novel that I can’t really tell you about yet, but I will in time. Promise.

I’m also trying to get colouring work on IDW’s Transformers #81 (Marvel continuity continuation). We’ll see how this pans out…

Lou Scannon, my self-published co-creative project (with the delectable Dan Harris) continues apace. Issue 1 has almost completely sold out, and we’re looking to launch issue 2 at the ThoughtBubble convention in Leeds in November. Dan and I are beavering away at the art right now, while co-writer Jim Bampfield is working through some additional content for it. Should be an absolute stormer!


Well, of a sort. A plan to go down a caravan for two weeks in Dawlish Warren on the English south coast when… well, south, when the caravan got vandalised. So instead I had two weeks off, in which I planned to focus on colouring, and on decorating my spare room into a studio space for me. Predictably, none of this happened due to real life being an uncompromising bastard, with towing of cars, delivery of IKEA catalogues, and other such distractions.

Still, the hols weren’t all bad. Ceri’s dad visited from Australia, so a catch up was had by all, and we got to spend a few days in Portsmouth with Ceri’s family, soaking up the sights, the sea air, and massively gusty winds. Took in the Royal Armouries Museum which was frankly brilliant, and full of more military hardware than Steven Segal’s garage. Stonehenge was a bit pricey for what it offered though. Never mind.

Auto Assembly 2011

My big event of the year! Another cracking weekend. Caught up with my fellow Transformers creatives, chewed the fat with like-minded fans, was appalled by the bar prices/service like everyone else, and basically had a whale of a time while trying not to worry about rioters kicking off and torching the city centre! Can’t wait till next years. Mine and Liam Shalloo’s colouring workshop lacked, well… any kind of structure this time around, but oh well. Hopefully we’ll improve it next year, try and get it organised somewhat sooner!

So that’s what I’ve been up to. That and being lazy.


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