Pontypridd Tram Road Halt

Just another brief post about some old local railway architecture…

As mentioned in my previous posts, we know that the huge former-TVR station in Pontypridd has been the area’s primary station for ages, and that there used to be a secondary station a couple of hundred yards up the road, run by the rival Barry Railway, named Pontypridd Graig.

In researching that second station I was surprised to find out the existence of a third (albeit much smaller) railway station in Pontypridd! A few hundred yards down the track from the main station, just at the beginning of the Broadway in Treforest, used to stand Pontypridd Tram Road Halt. Part of yet another rival company, the line ran to Caerphilly and onto Newport. I was surprised to learn of this station, because the area where it once stood has been so extensively remodeled over the years that there is very, very little evidence remaining of it.

The railway line from Pontypridd used to cross over the Broadway via a bridge. The only evidence of the bridge now remaining is one of the abutments, everything else has been swept away to widen the roads and provide a link to the A470 through-road.

The bridge goes up around the start of the 1900's... the entrance to the station appeared to have been a walkway, unseen from here on the other side of the bridge. The view from the other side of the bridge, now happily in use for several yearsThe view from the other side of the bridge, now happily in use for several years


The end, the bridge is finally demolished in the 60's, the station having been shut down some four decades earlier. The road and earthworks here were remodelled numerous times up to the start of the 21st century, but the abuttment wall remains.

The photo below shows the current road layout – the old line broadly followed the road along the right-most side of the picture, and was elevated above the road level by earth that has now been levelled. The tracks then ran across the bridge detailed above and followed the course of what is now the A470, at least at some points.

View from the current line, overlooking the approximate route of the old track. The station would have been located to the far right of the picture. The remaining abuttment from the original bridge is just off to the right foreground.

The station itself originally sat nearby to the old bridge. A very nondescript, small wooden structure, I had a hard time finding any photos of it, but you can get some idea of how it looked from these few pics.

The Tram Road Halt is on the left, the main Pontypridd station is unseen heading further left. The view is from the Drill Field, now a car park and office building.This picture is taken from a train leaving Tram Road Halt towards Pontypridd.

A very much forgotten bit of the local environment…


6 thoughts on “Pontypridd Tram Road Halt

  1. Don’t remember the Halt, but certainly remember the bridge they are dismantling in the picture. In the 1950s my family had a sweet shop on the Broadway and I lived in Maesycoed so I made frequent trips along the Broadway (on foot of course) “to see my aunts” in the sweet shop, passing under this bridge.
    I even wondered as a child, where the railway line went since I knew it wasn’t the one to Cardiff. Thanks again for the memory.

  2. My 84 yr old father asked me yesterday about this tram halt station in Pontypridd to look into it for him so i showed him the pics of where it used to be he said our family was living there at the time they had a surname wiston or wuston how can I find him some information about it ?

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