2011 reviewed very badly.

And so ends 2011. Another year of ups and downs for me, so let’s try and categorise things a little, and maybe get some perspective for myself…

Health. Bit of a shitter on this front if I’m honest. It started out all right until I got an infected blister on my foot in April, which lead to a continuous bout if cellulitis from which I’ve still not fully recovered. It’s landed me in hospital several times this year, so god bless socialized medicine… Also, my skin has gone batshit insane these last few months too, providing yet more fun and games. Hopefully on the mend now though… I’m undergoing UVB light therapy, along with some rigorous antibiotics and steroid treatments, which so far seem to be having a positive effect

Work. Started the year working for giant banking cunt Barclaycard, signed off sick with the nervous breakdown they drove me to. Luckily I managed to find another job with an infinitely better employer in the form of Glamorgan University in February, so my mental health has taken a solid upswing. The pay packet however, has plummeted badly, but more on that in a while… The digital colouring work has been thoroughly patchy, a mix of very small, sometimes unpaid gigs, and false starts. On the plus side, some projects have surfaced like Team MOBILE and The Pride, so I’m grateful they worked out. Hopefully I can get my arse in gear a bit more in 2012 and nail down some more consistent work.

Money. Changing jobs, losing colouring work, and trying to finance my wife’s university course has meant that money has been shockingly shit thus year. Living in overdrafts and credit cards, it’s only the generosity of parents and grandparents over the year that has staved off serious financial pickles. The hope is that once Ceri’s done with Uni in May, we can maybe start digging ourselves out of this hole. Time will tell on this front, eh!

Creativity. A good year, if only for the fact that me, Dan Harris and Jim Bampfield managed to get our collective arses in gear and finally self-publish our ‘Lou Scannon’ comic. Got two issues done in 2011, hoping to get three done in 2012 – if you’re reading this and you haven’t bought them yet, then why the hell not? They’re great! Get ’em here – http://www.louscannon.co.uk. Off you go!

I had planned a longer post about this all, but it’s not flowing…. and hey, why look bad, there’s a new year, a fresh start, lets see where 2012 takes me. Off I fuck.


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