Better Late Than Never. Or something.

Woah – it’s March already!? I haven’t posted a blog since last year! Crazy. But then, I’ve been somewhat busy. Let’s kick off with digital colouring, which of course was supposed to be the focus of this blog but has wavered a bit…

  • Team MOBILE for ROK Global – I finished issue 1, and am now about 17 pages into issue 2, and looking to complete this issue over the next week.
  • Graphic Novel Project – I’m colouring a graphic novel for… someone… and I’m about 37 pages in. I’ve no idea what the deadline is on it, so I’m just colouring pages as they’re dripfed through. I’ve a bit of a backlog currently due to Team MOBILE, but I’ll start whittling away at that in the next two weeks.
  • The Pride – currently about 9 or 10 pages into issue 2. Again, backlogged due to illness and Team MOBILE, but I’ll be starting catch up on this very soon too.
  • Super Secret Other Project – Looks like a pack-in comics for a large company project may be heading my way soon, if the stars align. Hopefully will get kicked off on the colours for this in April at some point.

So – that’s where I stand on the colouring front. Onto more comics news!

 Lou Scannon – created by Dan Harris, and now written, drawn and produced by Dan, Jim Bampfield and myself. We’ve gotten the ball rolling quite nicely on this sucker, and have managed to bash out three issues since July 2011. They’ve all been a step up in quality from one another, and all have been brilliantly well-received, which has been a huge vindication of our efforts. We launched issue 3 at the recent Cardiff International Comic and Animation Expo in February, and it was a brilliant weekend, thouroughly surpassing all our expectations.  To top it all off, the book’s been nominated for an Eagle Award 2012 – Favourite British Comicbook (Black and White), which is a huge honour. If you fancy supporting the cause you can vote for the book here, and pick up the latest copies and news here.

Okay, that’s the comic side of things sewn up.

What else have I been up to? Well, I went to go and see two episodes of Red Dwarf X being recorded in January, something I NEVER thought would happen again. That was good. So in all, my laughter will have now been heard on NINE (count’em) episodes of the series over the years! I’m such a geek. Will RDX be any good? Now there’s the rub. Hard to judge precisely due to the raw nature of the recordings, but I’d say It’s probably the best Red Dwarf since Red Dwarf VI… time will tell.

I’ve grappled with the same persistent bouts of cellulitis in my left leg, and some ongoing skin and chest problems, but that’s nothing new.

The day job continues to be good, non-threatening and underpaying.

And that’s about it for now… toodles.


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