My look back at 2012, a spruce-up for the blog, and a look ahead to 2013…

A blog in three bits! Count em!

Bit One. 2012. In review, a bit of a weird year this. My 9-5 job continued to be a huge mental and emotional improvement over my old job at Barclaycard, but the pay cut I took continued to be a massive problem. In fact the year could be defined by the financial troubles my wife and I struggled through (and 2013 looks to be the start of better things there, thanks goodness). The colouring work took a bot of a stumble this year, due to a bit of a decline in my health, but primarily due to me being dicked around my clients who didn’t pay me. There’s no incentive to spend time to  colour comics when the payment isn’t there at the end. Again, hopefully 2013 will see an upswing here. One good bit of comic-ing that happened throughout 2012 was mine, Dan Harris and Jim Bampfield’s “Lou Scannon” comic – we managed t get three issues done this year, and garnered an Eagle Award nom for our efforts. Fucking sweet. We also attended a number of comic cons, met some great people, and got some nice networking done to boot. At home, I managed to finally decorate the room that will eventually become my workspace (once I can afford the furniture), and also did helped the missus do out our attic and sort our bedroom, so that was some progress at least. We also had the heating replaced just before winter, thanks to some money that Ceri’s grandmother left her when she passed away (one of the sad points of 2012). We watched some cracking films this year (Avengers and Dredd probably my faves) and some utter disappointments (Dark Knight Rises, I’m looking at you). I saw new Red Dwarf be recorded in January, and loved seeing it back on TV in October. My health took another savage beating in 2012, with more occurrences of my cellulitis flare-ups in my leg, and various skin and chest infections. The capper was a bout of conjunctivitis right over Christmas and New Year, which quite frankly has fucked me off no end, but eh… there y’go.

Bit Two. The present. I’ve updated the look of my blog, and added some bits here and there, and done a brief CV of my comic book work here. This is a small bit. Sorry.

Bit Three. 2013. My hopes, goals, objectives, lah de dah. A big objective is to earn more. Hopefully I can upgrade my 9-5 to a higher paying state of play, and I’ll also be doing some lecturing (teaching Photoshop) for the University too, so there’ll definitely be some better earning potential there. Hopefully I can get back in the colouring game a bit more and get some more work there too. I want to really push Scannon too – get another three issues out hopefully, and try and sort a really value-packed trade of the first six issues. I also intend to try and update the blog here a bit more, rather than just every few months – I’ve a series of (what I think) are potentially interesting write-ups of the local industrial history. and previous posts I’ve done like this have been without a doubt the most popular things on this blog. I’ve got the pics and the context sorted – now I just need to get some up to date comparison pics meself, and write the bloody things… I also want to develop a few other projects further over 2013, some collaborative, some personal… Around the house, I need to complete my workspace, and also sort some other areas too. That plan will probably change as the year goes on and things inevitably break or whatever. Also, I plan to attend more cons, do more sketches, sell more books, the usual stuff. I’m keeping my hopes for 2013 fairly level. Hopefully the year will exceed my expectations. Time will tell.


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