Vision Troubles…

Being someone who dabbles in the graphical arts, my vision is very much a vital part of me. So when it goes a bit… funny… it’s quite disturbing.

Now, I’ve never been fighting from a good standpoint when it comes to my eyes. I’ve always needed glasses, since day one, and I literally couldn’t function without my specs. My right eye is massively dominant, to the point where I only really use the left eye if really forced to. But thankfully, at least until lately, I’ve never had any other problems with my peepers.

Unfortunately, just before Christmas, I was at the hospital for a skin appointment, when it became apparent that the left hand side of my head by my eye and forehead were quit swollen. I was given antibiotics, and that was that. However over the next few days, the swelling reduced, but my left eye got very bad – swollen shut, gunky, red… not pretty. I thought it was conjunctivitis, and let it run it’s course, keeping it clean, finishing my tabs, etc.

As the left eye recovered, somewhat overnight my right eye’s vision took a nosedive – but without the swelling or gunkiness. My vision returned to normal in the left eye, but my right eye now saw things in double vision, like looking through a cheap warped window in the rain. And nothing I’ve done seems to help it.

A few days ago the swelling in my head returned, this time spreading over my entire face and neck. More antibiotics, the swelling went, the eye problem remained. The opticians who’ve seen it are mystified – there appears to be some sort of distortion in my eye, but the eye itself and it’s interior are in good health. Close examination has shown both  my corneas are scarred from a viral skin infection that engulfed my head and neck (and inside my ears, nose and mouth) back in 2001, but as I’d gone over a decade and not noticed, that doesn’t seem to be a concern.

But I can’t drive now – I don’t want to risk it. I can make out shapes and function okay, but I worry about it deteriorating further. I’m struggling to read, and typing is taking up more concentration than normal, making my day-job a hassle. Comics-wise, I’ve managed to colour in three comic book covers this week with the dodgy vision, but I’ve had to cover my right eye and work only with the weaker left eye to do this, and it’s tiring.

So I’m being referred to a specialist. Hopefully sooner rather than later. Because the thought of actually losing my vision scares the fucking shit out of me. I enjoy driving. I enjoy drawing, and visualising, and colouring. I’m due to start teaching people how to use Photoshop in a few days time. I need to see. I HAVE to see. And the thought of not being able to… well, it doesn’t bear thinking about.

Now it’s time to wait and see what this specialist says I guess.

Updates as they come…


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