Procrastination Station

One of my goals back in January was to update this blog more often. And now it’s APRIL. My god, I’m SHIT.

Anywho, I’m about to wade into a to-do list, so in an effort to put it off, I thought I’d plonk it into a blog, in an effort to work out where to start on it all.

First of , let’s bring things somewhat up to date….

Back in January, my vision had really taken a bunk, and was stopping me from driving etc. Well, fortunately, the problem has lessened over time. It’s still not right, but the double vision has receded and I can now at least drive again and use the computer without too much difficulty, so that’s good.

In February, Dan, Jim, HdE and myself busted our asses to complete Lou Scannon 5, and the issue has been very well received! So work has begun on issue 6, and we’ll try and get that out in July.

I also got a new administrator job within Glamorgan Uni, in the ATRiuM in Cardiff, which is really good. And pays more, so, y’know… bonus. Still digging a financial hole, albeit at a slower pace…

So, that ‘to do’ list – what am I up to?

    • Kristo – a 17 page project for Sam Roads, I’m currently four pages in.
    • Lou Scannon 1 – recolouring the book for the BIG COLLECTION, I’m just two pages in. Twenty to go.
    • The Pride – Issue 3. 22 pages to go… One started. Ulp. Must do better.
    • Stiffs 3 – 22 pages to go. Awaiting pages on this one, so I don’t feel too bad!
    • Welsh Dragon – I need to shade up a b&w dragon artwork for a crystal etching.
    • Auto Assembly 2013  – an 8 page comic I need to complete by July. The works. It’ll have Backstreet in it. Le Mans-tastic!
    • Red Dwarf print – a piece of art for the Wrexham Comic Con at the end of April.
    • Cartoon for a newsletter.
    • Lou Scannon 6 – need to incorporate Jim and Dan’s edits into a final draft for art to start.
    • Bruce Outback –  a new comedy comic Team Scannon are gonna produce. Halfway through draft one.
    • I need to mark and submit coursework for my Photoshop courses, before April 21st ideally.
    • On a related note, I need to do some further prep work for an InDesign course I’m teaching.

So that’s my ‘important or urgent’ list. There’s stacks of other shit to do – various Euro-paperwork annoyances with the 9-5 day job to tackle, and a load of annoying DIY around the house to try and nail, but these are the prioritised ones.

Feels like I’m also fighting a losing battle with general mood and motivation. It’s taking a mighty amount of effort just to get out of bed in the morning, and I’m feeling so highly strung out and directionless I can’t even think at times. Some days I feel good, like I can tackle anything. Other days I just wish the train I’m on would crash and kill me, or I’d get run over by a truck or I’d just drop dead somewhere. It changes day to day. My dreams are getting increasingly more vivid and strange, and with a new job, new teaching responsibilities and all that, things just seem all strange and change-y. It’s weird. But I guess I just need to knuckle down and get through it. So I’ll post this blog, grab a brew and maybe some biscuits, and then crack on with some colouring for a while, and then maybe a wee bit of drawing.

Goodnight peeps.


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