My Masters Degree begins properly tomorrow…

Well, after a twelve year gap, tomorrow I attend my first lecture of my MA Animation degree. As part of the degree, I think I’ll have to keep a blog/journal type things, so I’ve already set-up categories and tags on this blog to accommodate that.

It’s already an odd experience, I feel as if I’m in weird limbo.

I’m quite a loner in work (I always have been, in every job) so I never feel like I quite properly fit in (this is by no means any reflection on those I work with, in or out of my department – it’s just the way I am). Likewise, having to split my time between work and the course, I currently don’t feel like a real student either, hence the odd ‘limbo’ness. So it’ll be interesting to see where the next few weeks position me.

Still, I’m enrolled, have a student card, know one or two people on the course already, and have several ideas (of a sort) kicking about my mind. So I guess we’ll see where it all goes.

I need to certainly do some catching up on the animation-stakes. On the plus-side, I’m not looking to work in the industry – I’m purely doing this to get the letters after my name. As such I can focus on just doing stuff I enjoy, i.e. traditional 2D. There’s no call for it anymore, but hey… there it is. I will definitely be picking up skills After Effects via this, so that’s quite cool.


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