I’m Printing A Book For Charity.

Several years ago, I wrote and drew some Transformers fan-comics (with a little help from various other people) that I posted up on the Allspark.com Transformers fan-website. They were very well received, and actually contributed to me gaining work on colouring the official Transformers comics a few years later.

Recently I found out that Sol Fire, one of the forum members who’s fan-character I used in the books, had taken his own life. Coupled with my own experience with mental health disorders, it seemed like a good way to help a charity and also show a mark of respect.

To this end, I’ve decided to collect together the four stories I created, and publish them in a trade paperback, which I will then sell online and at some UK conventions. Once the printing costs are all met, any further takings will all go to The Samaritans.

The book itself will be a 72 page, full colour A5 trade. It will contain four 16 page stories – “Courage Under Fire”, “Crisis Of Conscience”, “Out Of TIme” and “The Best Defence…”. It will also contain some new bonus material and other additional content from people who helped create the stories as well. As a sample of what to expect, the first story, “Courage Under Fire”, can be viewed in it’s entirety HERE.

I’ll be selling the book for £15 (postage within the UK will be an additional £3 – postage abroad will be £6). I’m looking to print the book in December, and start shipping out copies in the New Year.

I’ve decided to operate a pre-order system for this, in order to build up enough initial funds from the outset to cover the printing – every penny afterwards goes to charity. Please use the links below to pre-order your copy via Paypal.

Book + UK Postage 

Book + International Postage

If you don’t have Paypal, please contact me and we’ll sort out something else.

Finally, I’d like to ask my fellow Transformers fans to please spread the word on this, link to this blog post, and get other people to take a punt on it.  I’m initially hoping to print 50 books. If demand exceeds that, I’ll happily print more – hence why I’m going the pre-order route, to maximise the amount that goes to the Samaritans at the end of the day.

And finally finally, it goes without saying that Transformers and all associated trademarks are the property of Hasbro. This book is an unlicensed fan-produced publication which is strictly non-profit making, and no infringement of copyright or trademark is intended. 

6 thoughts on “I’m Printing A Book For Charity.

      1. Already have; I pre-ordered a week or so after your announcement! I just wanted to make sure it was still happening as I’m really looking forward to it.

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