2014 begins!

A New Year, a fresh promise to update the blog more often, and a fresh realisation that I probably won’t because I’m a wee bit rubbish at schedules and routines.

So, let’s see how 2013 ended and how 2014 has kicked off, eh?


The big one at the mo – I was admitted to hospital at 5am on New Years Day with pneumonia. Spent three days in the hospital, and have now been out a week, with a few more days signed off before I go back to work in mid January. My chest is on the mend, but even mild physical activity currently takes it out of me. Very frustrating. I’ve finished my antibiotics, and am now finishing up a course of steroids. As you can see, we’re off to a ragingly good start.

THE 9-5

Not much to report here – I’ll be scrambling through a backlog of meeting minutes and now-even-closer-to-deadline State Aid calculation sheets needed for the end of January. I’ll also be prepping to deliver a Photoshop course for five weeks in the evenings from Jan 25th. The job itself ends in Sept 2014, so after that I might be screwed… but we shall see what crops up!


Pared right back since starting my MA. I’ve kept the Lou Scannon book on (obviously, and issue 7 will start soon on that front), and I’m also nearing the home straight in colouring Kristo for Sam Roads. Lovely looking book, that’ll be. Look out for that one later on in the year.

I’m also still in the process of putting together the Transformers fancomics charity book, but the pneumonia delayed that somewhat, so that’ll likely be all put together in early/mid February.

In mid December, I helped piece together my wife Ceri’s first book – a history journal written by her and her colleagues from her history courses. There’s some very informative articles in it – please check it out here: https://www.facebook.com/historyfromtheforest. The books are £5 a pop if you’re interested, drop me a line here if you’d like more details.

Also related on the comic book front, I’ve finally had to bite the bullet and take ROK Mobile Comics to small claims court for money owed to me for work conducted in 2012. It’s very much a pain in the arse to chase all this up, and the company is being extremely evasive and rude. I’ll give more details at a later date – and they’ll be particularly scathing details if I don’t get paid, I assure you. Stay tuned.


The MA Animation will properly start heating up from January. I’ll be submitting my one essay on Monday 13th January and then plunging further into learning After Effects and Flash, and doing various animation tests. I’ll also be completing my animated film design document for the end of February. Exciting stuff!


At the moment, I’m confirmed to attend the Cardiff Film and Comic Con as a guest in March, and also the Wales Comic Con in Wrexham as a guest in April. I’ll also be selling Lou Scannon books as a dealer at the London Super Comic Con in March with Dan and Jim, and we’ll also be popping up at a few other cons once we get around to properly booking ’em. I’ll also be at Auto Assembly 2014 in August in some shape or form, but I don’t yet know how that’s gonna pan out. More details soon I hope!


I’ve been playing a bit of the ol’ Sonic games over the New Year. Great fun. Also been catching up on Arrested Development at the wife’s behest, and it’s a brilliant show. I know, I know, I’m very far behind the times…

I think that’ll do for the time being – I’ve also added some new bits to my CV and Bio on this blog, and added a list of commission prices with samples if anyone would like to take me up on a sketch. Cheers peeps!

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