Trying And Failing To Keep Track.

I need to list some stuff so I know what I’m doing.

• MA Animation – Need to finish my first draft script, and do and essay about… some… vague self-set question.

• Auto Assembly – need to finish colours for cover and three interior pages.

• Allspark Collected Comics – need to complete layout for proof copy and colour cover.

• Lou Scannon – re-colour issues 1-3, complete setup for issue 7, format trade.

• A few outstanding commissions.

• Learn After Effects and Flash.

I also have to teach an upcoming Photoshop course, and possibly InDesign too.

Plus I need to do some replastering work in the bathroom.

Plus general tidying and washing.

Plus got go to France by coach for three days in April.

Plus I need to try and work through my backlog in work.

Plus other stuff, and this, and that, and this and that, and aaaaaaarggggh.

I cannot be bothered with any of it. I just wish I could stay under my duvet, all day, everyday. Oh well. Just need to buck up, knuckle down and try and get some of this bullshit shifted I guess.


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