My Animation MA – The Story So Far…

As I stated in a previous blog, the decision to study this MA was made because the fees were going to sky-rocket in the future, and I still didn’t have a degree (which I felt was stopping me getting shortlisted for jobs). So it was now or never….

I wasn’t in a position to study this MA full time, so it’s being done part time from Sept 2013 thru Sept 2015.

So at this point I’m maybe a third of the way through my course. It’s not been exactly what I expected, but I’m enjoying it. It’s been slower than I expected, and I’ve picked up no new practical skills so far (but this will change soon).

I’m doing a short student film based on Bruce Outback – a character created by myself, Dan Harris, Jim Bampfield and Kirsty Winskill. With their blessing I had the go-ahead to develop the character for animation.

The first few months of the MA dealt with theory on storytelling, plot generation, that sort of thing. The first big project was creating an ‘animation bible’ document – which turned out to be an odd hybrid of a traditional animation bible, a technical spec document, and a pitch document, but told ‘in universe’. It’s a neat document, but what with it being neither one thing or the other it feels a bit unspecified.

The next few months were spent doing a few essays (which went ok… I think? I’m not really sure. I’m not much of an essay writer). Following that, I began the process of writing the Bruce Outback script. That was done with a few revisions and completed by June 4th, and I’m now heading into my storyboarding process. I’m hoping to finish that by end of June, get my dialogue recorded and animatic produced by end of July, so I can spend from August 2014 to Sept 2015 focussing on my actual animation.

So that’s where I stand….

2 thoughts on “My Animation MA – The Story So Far…

  1. Hey matey bloke! Good to read your update on where you are with your MA! Bet you can’t wait to start animating! I tell you what, it’s been a few years since I’ve said, “can I try something!” I miss animating!

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