Auto Assembly Sketch Commissions Now Open

Okay, I’ll be at Auto Assembly at the end of August, and I’m open to pre-con commissions which can be picked up at the convention!

Here’s what I’m offering:

A4 Black & White sketch (1 character) – £10

A4 Colour sketch (1 character) -£20

A4 Sketch, plus a glossy A4 print of the sketch professionally digitally coloured (1 character) – £40

Sketches with two or more characters will cost more, these will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

And that’s pretty much it! Full disclaimer – I’m hellishly busy at the moment, so if for some reason I don’t get your sketch done by the convention (or at it), it will of course be posted out to you, free of charge.

I’d really appreciate payment up front – so send me the payment and the details of the sketch you want via PayPal to:

And I’ll see you at the convention in a few weeks time!







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