Two years ago, I took the last chance to do a Masters Degree. The costs were going to steeply rise soon, and I had never completed my BA, but had enough industry experience to skip to the MA. I feel I need the qualifications, so I decided to do it.

Due to my circumstances, I had to do it part-time over two years. And now, I’m three weeks from the end.

The first year was promising, but the second year has comprehensively fallen to pieces, and tonight I hit my lowest, I-can’t-be-fucked-with-this-waste-of-time moment. In-between years, the University of Glamorgan merged with the University of Newport to form the University of South Wales, and I feel it’s had a hugely negative impact on the MA course. no-one seems to know what they are doing, and communication has ground to a halt. And personally, what with job changes and financial woes, and dealing with other personal issues, it’s fair to say I’ve not been able to devote any meaningful time to my project.

I managed to produce a teeny amount of animation, and to try and salvage something from this train wreck, I did the rest of the film as a comic. Yeah, I thought it was weird for an animation degree too. I think I’ve done the barest assest amount of work needed to actually gain a pass, so I’ll get the qual… but I’m so deflated by the whole thing. Realistically, I’ve learned a tiny bit of After Effects and Premiere. And that’s it. And I wasn’t taught any of that, I may add – I learned it from watching fucking YouTube tutorials, at home. I’ve not produced one god-damn frame of animation in the university. I’ve not drawn or coloured a panel of the comic on the campus. And for this privilage, I’ve paid the University over £4000. And on top of that, I’m paying out more bucks to print the book. Chalk it up to another fucking monumental life cock-up in my time. I tend to do this every ten years or so.

What makes it worse, is that I genuinely like the tutors, and I feel bad letting them down, letting myself down, and ragging on the course.

But it is what it is.

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