Post Master(s)

So, with the conclusion of my MA this September, I’ve been catching up on some commission work that I’ve had on hold, and I’m also now starting the push to try and get the creative freelancing off the ground somewhat.

I’ve completed a few sketches and digi-sketch items for people, that they seemed to like, so that’s good. The big news is that I’ll be illustrating a children’s book for Velindre Cancer Care, to help kids cope with parents undergoing treatment for cancer. I’d previously helped out on an older version of the book, doing art corrections and colour adjustments, so it’ll be nice to fully assume art duties on this. It’ll end up looking a bit like this… KC_TEST_01

So that’ll keep me busy for a few months…

I’m also in the middle of trying to establish contacts within the comic book world to try and get back to properly colouring some books again… so we’ll see how this all pans out!


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